Trackball in a PB?

Posted by: Lindberg

Trackball in a PB? - 11/03/05 02:58 PM

I was thinking of how great it would be if e.g. the new PB's was equipped with trackballs instead of touchpads. Like my old Duo 280c, or other portabel Macs of the era.

Do you think it is a possible project to convert a newer touchpad PB, to integrate a trackball instead of the touchpad?

Of course, I'm thinking of an optical trackball, and the ball about the same size as in e.g. the Duo.

Is there any solutions already in the market? do I have to "build" it myself?

Any suggestions?

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Trackball in a PB? - 11/03/05 03:30 PM

Wow, can't say I have ever seen any mods. This would be interesting though. The only question I have is, how are you going to keep the ball from damaging the screen when its closed. I mean, the ball will stick up above the keypad/trackpad area...

Also, I am not too certain how easy this would be, a trackball takes up quite a bit of room and a trackpad is very minimal.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Trackball in a PB? - 11/03/05 06:14 PM

It's possible to convert one to a trackball, but it would involve replacing all of the housing of the laptop. Not an easy task, but if you want a trackball, then I suppose it's worth it.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Trackball in a PB? - 11/03/05 07:00 PM

custom build it. Make it use a small ball so it doesn't take up much room and that it can sink in enough so the LCD doesn't rub up on it.
Posted by: usbcd36

Re:Trackball in a PB? - 11/03/05 07:57 PM

Ah, if only…

I like trackballs much more than trackpads, but you'd be better off making a tiny external USB one and just setting it on top of your trackpad during use. It's too bad the PowerBooks don't have a type III PCMCIA slot, as one would probably fit in there easily enough for storage…
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Trackball in a PB? - 11/08/05 12:37 AM

What about something like the ball in the Mighty Mouse? (maybe a tad bigger)

find a broken one on ebay see what you can come up with?

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