IR access

Posted by: supersonic

IR access - 10/12/05 04:20 AM

Having now almost completed my PBk 5300 converstion to a picture frame, I was looking
through the surplus components that I had removed from it, such as the videoboard
and the InfraRed posts..

Now...I had a thought...

Could I use this for anything fun, like controlling the slideshow on said Pictureframe.

I have one of those Kameleon 8-in-1 super dooper remotes, which can do pretty much
anything with VCR's, DVD's, PVR's, TV's, etc, how about computers???

Anyone tried this with a IR control software??
Posted by: griffer

Re:IR access - 10/12/05 10:58 AM

Hmm, as far as i recall, it isn't possible... The IR port on macs, are "data-IR" (not their real name), and the ones used in remotes is another type altogether.

I know it's possible to buy external IR ports that do work with remotes...

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Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:IR access - 10/12/05 01:08 PM

I used the MacAirkey wireless keyboard to do this on a Powerbook 3400 I converted into a jukebox, Basically you plug the reciever into the ADB port and use a universal remote to learn commands from the keyboard, Tab, Spacebar and arrow keys etc., there only a few you need. Here is an auction for the keyboard I'm talking about

Never heard of this site before though so Caveat Emptor so to speak...

Here it is again...