ibook g3 new hinge...

Posted by: smerko

ibook g3 new hinge... - 08/26/05 09:58 AM

hi, i have an ibook g3 clamshell 300mhz and have broken the left hinge on the unit. i can however get hold of a screen half ibook 466mhz (clamshell also) like http://homepage.mac.com/marcregan/iSale/Pictures/1124977774_0.jpg . what i want to know is will the item pictured fit my old 300mhz unit ok? also will the screen work as a straight swap or would i have to swap those over? even simpler will the hinge from the 466 screen go onto my 300mhz ibook? thanks!
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:ibook g3 new hinge... - 08/26/05 10:31 AM

with clamshell's the rule of thumb is that they're all basically the same. I'd go ahead and bolt the new spare screen on and run with it. beats the hell out of taking the display assembly apart laugh