15" Ti Pbk screen flip?

Posted by: supersonic

15" Ti Pbk screen flip? - 08/17/05 08:41 AM

Has anyone successfully managed to remove or modify the casing on a 15" PowerBook
so it would allow them to mount the panel on the underside of the computer.

ie, effectively allowing the screen to go much further back / recline than the maximum
at it was built. Im considering a mod to make it into a pictureframe, which has been
done a lot on 1400's, and 500 series PBk's, but not as far as I can see, on Ti Pbk's...

I would guess a lot of casing changes with a dremmel would be required, but would
there be enough slack on the video cable????

Any assistance, welcomed!!!
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:15" Ti Pbk screen flip? - 08/17/05 11:21 AM

I would just disassemble the case and start playing with it to see what kind of slack you can get. It might be that you have to remove all the components from the case for it to work. That would probably be best for the LCD anyway, as you will want the least amount of bezel possible.
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:15" Ti Pbk screen flip? - 08/17/05 02:18 PM

If you put the screen on the front the cable should reach, check out my "Tired Roadwarrior" ibook mod on this site for how I did this conversion to an ibook. The results should be very cool.