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ibook display - 08/09/05 03:56 AM

not to be confused with those asking whether an ibook display could be used as a second monitor, i wish to know whether an ibook g3's logic board could be rigged to have its primary output (that which is fed to the lcd display) wired to either a dvi output, or ideally in my situation to be able to take a second vga monitor...

i am under the understanding that it is a digital feed sent to the monitor, im just wondering if my allready headless ibook can run without its crummy lcd..

then i can recoup some $$$ from its now un-needed slot loading cdr/dvd, the case, and the 14' screen, and get myself a mac-mini in the process?

i am in the process of putting the ibook in its own case to 'harden' it for road use (im a musician and i actually find the ibook g3 900 with 640mb ram - i want over a gig too - adequate) im googling for adapters to get my hp lightscribe in it for dvdr support and with the added plus of burning cd graphics, and i shall be using the origingal hdd untill i can get something larger..

my intentions are to get it in a flight case/home made tough-case, ideally without the lcd
so as to reduce the size of the end mod to something more cube-like/mini-like.

oh and hi,

new to your site, looks a good resource!


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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 04:53 AM

If I read your post correctly you have a 14" G3 ibook 900mhz, according to
they should have a vga output, though if its like my G4 ibook you will need a mirco-vga to normal sized vga adapter (about 15 last time I checked) assuming it boots without the main display attached you shouldn't have any problems connecting it up to another monitor (though it may only do 1024x768)

vga adater link
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 05:00 AM

sos burt,

what i meant was i wish to use the output to the lcd from the logic board, i allready use the required adapter to obtain a vga signal, i wish to - if at all possible- get another vga/dvi port to allow me another monitor, and crucially allow me to not require a connected ibook tft display...

any ideas?

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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 05:50 AM

While it might be tecnically possible, I have never heard off anybody actually taking the time and effort it would require to create/reverse engineer the interface your after.
Only thing I could suggest would be to extend the built in screen cable to the length you required, perhaps add your own connector to the side of the flight case, and the corrosponding connector to the end of your ibook screen cable and manufacture some sort of external case for the current built in scren.
You could then run screens in spanning mode using the excellent utility Screen spanning doctor to enable the feature.

This would give you dual monitor support though you would be limited to a 14" screen on once side still.
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 07:40 AM

still googling like crazy on this:

as stated in your low end mac link:

Video: ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 with 2x AGP
displays: 14.1" 24-bit SVGA (1024 x 768) color active matrix, resolution scaling for 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 modes
video out: VGA and composite video

now i know that the vram on the mac is shared accross the two monitors, regardless of their size + type, this isnt a problem.

whats interesting tho is that the logic board feeds svga..

more googling so far has taken me to this link:
(svga pinouts)


The table above provides the pinouts and signal names for the connectors. A 15-pin SVGA cable has the same pinout as a 15-pin VGA cable; however, VGA may also be found with a 9-pin D connector.

reading up also on the ati website on their 7500 mobility card which i also must point out is a very popular laptop graphics solution..

now im going to try and find a broken lcd display suitable for my job (i wish to remove the connectors to try and create a custom vga/svga port - thus allowing me to flog me 14' lcd) any one offering me their old defunt lcd for the good of the headless ibook cause?

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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 08:24 AM


ati radeon mobility 7500 features,

seems it supports dual display in various formats, notably with the ibook its one 24-bit SVGA to the tft, judging by further googling there should be no problems connecting a vga monitor to a svga port, as this is the norm and is often done..

just need the pinouts now from the area where the lcd connects i imagine.
if at all possible could anyone in the uk send old lcd monitor connection cables that will connect to my logic board in the manner my lcd does - butcher them off the faulty lcd - theres a pint in it if u do!!

- this means i can build a custom lead + share any findings back with the community

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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 08:30 AM

hmm back to the drawing board for a while:


seems it has xga, need to be 100% sure what signal is fed to the lcd.

*goes a googlin'*
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 08:34 AM

have you checked to make sure that your ibook support dual monitors? Some of them only support mirroring which wouldn't be useful for what you are trying to do.
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 08:36 AM

Signal going to the LCD is most likly going to be LVDS, or some version of that 'standard', but you would then need to convert that to vga. Not an easy task I imagine.
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 09:16 AM

looks like i have a solution for a cheap airport, while googlin for pinouts, lol...


still no more info on the logic board in question
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 09:19 AM

yes it supports dual screen display and supports mirroring as well as spanning,

hmm more info to think about now it seems tho
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Signal going to the LCD is most likly going to be LVDS, or some version of that 'standard', but you would then need to convert that to vga. Not an easy task I imagine.

i have actually seen relatively inexpensive adapters taking an LVDS signal to vga svga xga etc..

i need some hard facts..know the parts?

does anyone know where i can get information on the adapters/interconnects used to connect the ibooks tft to the logic board, i need ideally the manufacturer/s of the part/s part name/s etc..

i have been trying to track info via apple.com, repair manuals, ati etc on the specifications of the ibooks tft display and how it interfaces...

if it is just that - a LVDS - i know what im after, but i REALLY need to track down in some technical paper the details...

do any of u guys/gals know how to get the details on the April 2003 14" iBook 900 MHz logic board and its interconnects?


been looking at the ibook monitor stripped at this site, does anyone recognise parts used in the invertor? could hook up something from an ibook lcd's invertor to a vga monitor perhaps?

i know it could be pricey, im just researching!!


thanx for the replys guys!!
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 11:44 AM

stan has taken apart his ibook to repair his flickering screen, completely off topic but it does provice links to service manuals and cofirms the cable names



Low Voltage Data Bus (digital information to draw the screen)
The microphone cable
Backlight Power and Control (at right)
and somewhere in there also is the airport antennae

so the signal is taken to the: Low Voltage Data Bus > lcd

im realising more and more i need a custom piece of equipment, but i am still interested as to how the signal is passed to the lcd, heh call me insane or whatever but its going to be done regardless.

looking at stans page i notice that there is a backlight power and control, this only works for the lcd and not the vga monitor connected via the adapter mentioned before for a secondary display...

wondering if it could be ditched, hell my monitors never been adjusted before really, only in vain hope of trying to get more juice out the ibooks battery..


back to the old google box methinks...
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 01:23 PM

I have the flickering screen issue.....I've started a new thread....any help would be appreciated.

My problem thread http://www.macmod.com/component/option,com_simpleboard/Itemid,29/func,view/catid,10/id,5675/#5675

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I posted on your new thread, but I haven't posted on this one before.

LCD panels always have custom outputs to run them. They are rerely interchangeable. Unless you know build both LCDs and graphics cards from scratch (IE design your own and build them), you are unlikely to get anywhere with hunting for pinouts to do the mod you want. Your only real chance is if you can find a standalone external LCD monitor with VGA or LCD which uses the exact same panel as you have. Then you can pin map from your mobo to the converter boards etc which are packed into external LCDs to enable them to run on VGA or DVI. But this is just as much of a needle in a haystack as finding the pinouts for your graphics chip in the first place, since very few people bother to dissasseble their LCDs, and even fewer post the make and models of the panel on the net for you.

I've been trying to find a way to use a G4 iMac (17")and/or G4 PowerBook (15") screen as an external. The principle is really the same......
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 05:56 PM

zzz, have you taken a look at the service manual?

try - http://eserviceinfo.com
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Re:ibook display - 08/09/05 07:48 PM

Most laptops i've cracked open have the company that built the part/s name on it. Eather a sticker or on the circut board itself. Just get the part number and the company that made it and just google it and you might fine what you need.

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