Remove battery from PB g3

Posted by: griffer

Remove battery from PB g3 - 07/06/05 07:20 AM

I have just gotten my hands on an old powerbook g3 wallstreet.

As you might expect, it has a dead battery.
As im obviously not gonna buy a new battery, i was thinking of removing it to save some weight.
Is it possible to use the PB without a battery (is it eg. "supporting" some other components)?

Do any of you have a link to a guide on how to remove it? I checked pbfixit´s guides, but the battery wern´t mentioned...
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:Remove battery from PB g3 - 07/06/05 10:22 AM

The powerbook will work fine without the battery as long as it is plugged into the wall. Just flip out the lever in front of the battery to remove it.