1gb ram in a clamshell?

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1gb ram in a clamshell? - 06/24/05 01:26 PM

they say 1999 300mhz clamshells can't accept more than a 512mb ram chip. that is, after changing their mind on the old 256mb limit.
so i ask the question: what is the real limit?
can i put a 1gb chip in mine? what kind of chip would be the best bet? what are the considerations i should be aware of besides pc133, 144pin sodim sdram? i'm trying to prolong the life of my tangerine friend until the macintell sellout is complete.
i am currently running 512 +32 mb of ram, a new battery, a 7200rpm 60gb hitachi hard drive, airport card, and tiger. (my next question is the possibility of motherboard swapping in these guys) i know you all probably think this is dumb, but please, humor me.

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Re:1gb ram in a clamshell? - 06/24/05 01:59 PM

Dont bother with the 1 GB chip, although I cant definately say, I serious doubt it will work.
A motherboard swap should be a cakewalk with some slight case mods. That is to say that
the original monitor will work with the motherboard you choose.
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Re:1gb ram in a clamshell? - 06/24/05 05:29 PM

thanks for the pointer, maestro.
could you tell me what makes you think the 1gb chip won't work? i'm trying to self educate about the factors one needs to consider, i.e. voltage, current, dimensions, # of pins, etc.
also, do you have any experience swapping motherboards in clamshells? i heard it was impossible. thanks again,
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Re:1gb ram in a clamshell? - 06/24/05 06:31 PM

On the RAM:
A rule of thumb is however much RAM Apple says you can put in it is half of what it will actually be able to use. I don't know why Apple does this, but someone else may. (to check specs and that kind of thing, check out Mactracker. It's been indisposable for me (and saves you from searching the web for specs).

On the Motherboard:
I'll tell you this: taking apart Clamshells can be a B*TCH. Just replacing the hard drive involves removing nearly every other component. I've never actually taken the motherboard out of mine, but if you're willing to be meticulous and patient, stripping it all the way down to it won't be that bad. Keep track of where everything goes, pay attention to what you're doing, and BE PATIENT. I can't stress that enough. Every time I've opened mine up, it makes me a little frustrated, so I usually have to take a break about halfway through. (imagine how happy I was when I got my Pismo and discovered it took no time at all to do nearly everything!)

The clamshells are cool machines, not to mention pretty solid. The only drawback to yours is no Firewire, but hey, for surfing the web and other basic stuff, it's not too shabby!

Best of luck.

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Re:1gb ram in a clamshell? - 06/24/05 07:49 PM

Well, first of all Apple rates ram on whats available. 512mb of ram didnt even exist when Apple\\
introduced the clamshell. Usually the latest amounts are accurate becuase of what the
controller can support. Thats a biggie! My mdd G4 will not take more than 2 gigs no matter
what. Take it as it is. Feel free to try if you can find a friend with ram for tests. Im curious too,
I have a Rev A.2 clamshell. As for the a clamshell take a part, piece of cake! Yeah, people say
its tough, but ive taken mine apart and reassembled it with no problemo. Thats how you learn!
Take some digital pics and bag parts, it helps. The logic board itself will work. You have two
choices, mod your own case or buy a bottom from a newer one. Id mod it, its cooler, but take
your time. Just MAKE SURE THE LCD WILL WORK! That I dont know, I wlll look though, but
I will be gone for the next 8 days.
By the way, I have the take a part photos for that iBook on digital from mine-its for an ever
up coming iMusic Server mod. Let me know and Ill send you pics.