iBook Internal Ram Upgrade?

Posted by: thavok

iBook Internal Ram Upgrade? - 06/24/05 10:25 AM

Well just because of curiousity sake I though it would we interesting to start a thread and see if we can figure this out. I was recently reminded of the integrated 256MB of onboard memory in the iBooks and I really started thinking there has got to be a way to upgrade this though soldering a new chip in. either by finding a matching chip or creating a circuit board to re wire a stand a ram chip. I would really like to see my system say 2 gig of ram. Please post any pictures you find and any infomation you might be able to add. I am willing to tear my machine apart to do this. Is this something that can be done? does the motherboard put a restriction that I am unaware of on the memory and limit it to 1.25 or is that just because the onboard memory is only 256. Thanks for any input anyone might have.
Posted by: maestro

Re:iBook Internal Ram Upgrade? - 06/24/05 01:57 PM

Im guessing that the bus controller wont let you have that much ram. To switch the ram,
you are talking some serious, dangerous soldering that only the best should ever try. Id stick
with the 1.25GB, it sould be plenty as far as the CPUs capability goes.