Adding internal bluetooth

Posted by: minttea

Adding internal bluetooth - 06/21/05 01:25 PM

hello people,

i've got a question about a bluetooth kit:

Does anyone know whether this will use one of the external USB sockets? if it will i may just continue using my dongle. If not, i would love to get it!!!

muchos gracias.
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:Adding internal bluetooth - 06/21/05 01:30 PM

Hey thats cool, it sure looks like an internal kit to me.
Posted by: minttea

Re:Adding internal bluetooth - 06/21/05 01:40 PM

thats what i reckon- just wanted a second opinion! i'm not really a pro modder or anything, but it looks fairly straightforward to install. i'm gonna get it- let you know how it goes.
Posted by: burtman

Re:Adding internal bluetooth - 06/21/05 01:50 PM

that looks like the appropriate kit for th ibook, I've been looking for one for a while, never actually found anyone selling them yet, or in fact now as that appears to be out of stock. It uses an internal USB bus.

check this thread for some pics and discussion:,com_simpleboard/Itemid,29/func,view/id,4159/catid,10/