PowerBook 520c

Posted by: ivanmmj

PowerBook 520c - 02/13/05 02:21 PM

Hey, guys. I've always been a windows guy (now trying out linux also) but I've always had a love for macs. They were the first computers I ever used. Today at the flea market, I bought a fully functional PowerBook 520c. I know it's OLD and VERY slow, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to either:
1. Speed it up.
2. Make SOME use of it.
3. Use parts of it for something else. (i.e. LCD used for in car PC.)

Thanks in advanced!

God bless.
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/13/05 04:20 PM

I'm sorry man, but you bought yoursel a paperweight. I had a 540c for the longest time, and last I checked with the current owner, it's still kick'n-so these were some tuff machines, but they are however severly dated. If I'm correct it's 11-12 years old and counting. The best you could run on it is OS 8, and thats if you can find an external scsi (small computer system interface) cd-rom and the adapter you need to hook it up. The architecture can't even decode mpeg (.mpg .mp3 .m4p .m4a) files. Plus you would have to load it up with the max 32mb of ram, and it would still be sluggish. Have fun.


You may be able to make a laptop stand with it (this was mentioned in another thread here somewhere) . A digital picture fram mod may be possible also.

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Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/13/05 04:32 PM

yep, I am with ubergeek on this one, I would try a digital picture frame.
Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/13/05 05:49 PM

Digital frame sounds like a good idea!
Please tell me how.

Btw, the battery isn't working.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/13/05 06:27 PM

there is no need for a battery really. You can leave the unit plugged up.

Have a look at these mod guides they spell it out pretty nice.

Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/14/05 09:04 AM

Quick question, what are JPEGView's requirements? I keep seeing them upgrade the laptops to OS 8 for this little project, but the 520c won't run 8 unless I upgrade it.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/14/05 09:35 AM

All mac users are familiar with the awesome site Versiontracker.

here is the info you were looking for

ok well usually you'll find the info you need, in this case, JpegView doesn't have a site for versiontracker to link to. I remember using this program in the days of the 520, so I think you will be able to use it under OS 7.x. I could be wrong, let me know what happens

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Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/15/05 11:52 AM

What capacity floppies does this little thing take? Will my PC's 1.44 work? (Well... I gotta GET a floppy for my PC for this. lol)
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/15/05 07:20 PM

Hmmm makes me wonder what i could do with my Powerbook 100......
Posted by: maestro

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/15/05 09:12 PM

Um...it should work. To bad it doesn't have USB, you could just use a jump drive. I understand it can be hard to make an old mac work for you. Keep trying, it is worth it.
Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/15/05 11:07 PM

I love it. There's something about the OS interphase that I have always loved.
Right now it has OS 7.1.1 an 12MB of memory. I wonder, would updating it to 8.1 (which I think it's the highest it'll go) make that much of a difference? What would change?

I downloaded that jpeg software, but I can't open the hqx file... or any sit files either...
Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/15/05 11:29 PM

Update: Download Stuffit and I'm gonna install it now. Hopefully that will allow me to check it out.

I saw that I needed 8.0 to install 8.1 and that 7.5.5 needed more memory that I had. 14mb I think. But I only have 12MB.
Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/16/05 12:46 AM

Ahg... you need stuffit to install stuffit!
Posted by: whitlock

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/16/05 11:33 AM

macDeviant wrote:
Hmmm makes me wonder what i could do with my Powerbook 100......

Not much. You will be constricted to the size drive that is in the machine right now because it is a 2.5" SCSI. Not the easiest hard drive to find, so you will need to consider that. You may be able to do a picture frame, but the display will not do those pictures any justice.

I'd make a stand to do simple word processing and extend the wiring out. If you are a person that types a lot, or a writer, this would be something cool to do. The typewriter for the 21st Century.
Posted by: ivanmmj

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/16/05 10:14 PM

New problem... everytime I add something to a floppy from my PC, it ends up currupting the disk as soon as I eject it. I think it's that floppy drive, (that's REALLY old) though.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:PowerBook 520c - 02/16/05 10:43 PM

Most likely. With the ammount of magnetics involved to write to a floppy, it could be that the drive is whacked out. A lot of ZIP drives succombed to that fate.