12\'\' Aluminum PBook antenna mod

Posted by: mattcoats

12\'\' Aluminum PBook antenna mod - 02/09/05 12:14 AM

Here's a mod I did to help increase my wireless signal for my Al PBook 12".
I did it with a Quicker Tech antenna and a parabolic dish plan. It's pretty ghetto, that's the design I was looking for.


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Posted by: krusher117

Re:12\'\' Aluminum PBook antenna mod - 02/09/05 09:54 AM

those whip antennas are expensive! I would have just bought an airport express and extended the network wink . Thats a pimp looking antenna tho, only the pringles omni-directional antenna mod beats that!

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Posted by: krusher117

Re:12'' Aluminum PBook antenna mod - 02/09/05 10:09 AM

You should consider posting this as a post guide on the site!
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Re:12'' Aluminum PBook antenna mod - 02/09/05 12:05 PM

The Pringles can add's class. Can I convince you to put stickers on it that announce your elite modding status? Possibly, "Wardriver 4 Life", or, "You're network is P0WN3D". Also a, "I share the road with motorcycles", sticker would be good too.
Posted by: mattcoats

Re:12'' Aluminum PBook antenna mod - 02/09/05 11:42 PM

I made another dish tonight that works a bit better. The quicker tech whip is a little pricey, but at the time of purchase I had just sold my car and was enjoying the free spending I had. Now I am poor.

I do have an AP Express, but the antenna strength I find to be too weak to relay a signal in my place. Next I would like to crack it open and add an aux antenna, with the pigtail I have.

Adding a different type of cable to the 12" Power Book would be nice, but I have to worry about getting the cable through that screw hole. The quicker tech antenna has one of those welded ends on it, called SBMN or something like that I think?

Anyone know if I can use that type of antenna on the pringles or one of the other yagi designs?