Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive

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Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/18/05 06:01 AM

I just installed an 80GB Samsung hard drive in my Titanium Powerbook (G4). Samsung assures me the drive is compatible with the Powerbook. But when I tried to re-install OS X, the system did not recognize the new HD. I booted laptop as a FireWire Target, and was able to run disk utilities on the new drive, and it tested out fine. Mounted this way, I was able to store and retrieve data from the drive. I was also able to install OS X on the drive and boot my desk top computer, using this drive. But when I disconnected the FireWire and tried booting the lap top, it crashed and I got kernel errors.

I also booted the Powerbook from CD, with the new drive in it, using "Drive 10" and "TechTools Pro" utility software, and they all say the drive is working fine. But as soon as I try to boot from the OS X install CD, it crashes again with the kernel errors.
I spent hours on the phone with Apple support, but made no progress, and they finally said I had to contact Samsung. Samsung keeps telling me the problem is in the "BIOS"! So, I seem to be getting nowhere!

Can anyone help me????

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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn\'t recognize new Hard Drive - 01/18/05 06:30 AM

OK, so Disk Utility has it formatted as Mac OS Extended, and it's still giving you Kernel Panics? Ooch, did you make sure that there is not a jumper on the drive when there shouldn't be one, PRAM reset, even a Logic Board Reset? Just trying to figure out everything you have tried here, and what others said

And let's see here. Apple said it was the hard drive, Samsung said it was the Firmware. Well, here is something. What happens when you format it standard? Does it atleast let you boot into the CD? How about FAT32(Windows)? What happens when you break the hard drive into two partitions?

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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/18/05 07:02 AM

That sucks. I have the same problem with my B&W g3. In that case it is the HD cont-its a rev. 1. Try PRAM reset, MB reset, remove/replace battery. Make sure the laptop is plugged in to the wall outlet. DId you try putting your old HD back in? It could also be a grounding problem. Check evey step you did. Also what speed is the drive? There is an answer somewhere. I know what a pain it can be, youre not the only one. Hang in there and keep trying.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/18/05 11:04 PM

Thanks for the suggestions.
But I have been totally consumed with this problem for two weeks.

The drive is an Ultra ATA drive @ 5400 rpm. According to all the specs it should be completely compatible (per Apple and Samsung Technical support).

The default configuration for the notebook drive is as Master (no jumpers in this case). The drive did not even come with any jumpers. I have tried resetting the PRAM and the Logic Board, removing the battery, initializing and partitioning the drive. I have tired every combination and permutation of the above. When the drive is used as a FireWire target, I can install, initialize, partition, use as the boot disk, do everything a drive should be able to do. But when I try to boot the laptop normally, I can't even get it to boot from CD (except for the Drive 10 and TechPro Tools CD's, which scan the drive and say everything is fine). I was previously running 10.2 on the old 30GB drive. I tried installing 10.2, 10.1 and 9 on the new 80GB drive, but had no luck with any of them. They all gave me a kernel error and said: "Panic, we're hangin' here" Cute, but not helpful. When I put the old 30GB drive back in, the laptop boots as normal.

At this point, I am more pissed off that I can't figure it out, than the fact that the drive doesn't work. Not sure what else to try. Any other suggestions?

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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/18/05 11:16 PM

Okay, here is what I would do in your position. Find another new drive, try it out, if its a go, send the Samsung back. If not, you may need a firmawre update maybe? What is the exact model of your computer? Did you check xlr8yourmac.com yet, that is a good place to go too.
Good luck.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 05:01 AM

RMA it to Samsung for another one. Looks like you have done everything you can.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 05:40 AM

didn't come with jumpers or doesn't have jumpers? I ask this because I thought only SATA drives didn't have jumpers.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 06:49 AM

Almost all 2.5" HDD's don't come w/ jumpers because they are always device 0.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 11:01 AM

(created a new topic by accident, meant to post it here. Reposting for continuity's sake.)

Otay, here's the long and short of it from the service provider's end.

Kernel panics are the bane of our existence. Many times, there's no rhyme or reason to what causes them, sometimes, there is. On ocassion, I've swapped out all major parts in a machine, and had it still panic. Go figure. Apple still has yet to come up with a good diagnostic procedure to hand to us in the trenches. So here's my hypothesis.

1. there's nothing wrong with your laptop.
2. there's nothing wrong with your new hard drive.
3. the people at Samsung are most likely tier 1-3 phone support morons.
4. the guys you're talking to at Apple ARE tier 1-3 phone support morons.

the quick and easy answer here is pretty straight forward. you can RMA the drive to Samsung and have them send you a new drive, which I'll bet is gonna magically work. Or, you can go through the trouble of exchanging it for another, with the outfit you bought it from.

All you have to tell them is, "I dont care what it SHOULD do. It kernel panics my machine. I want a different one."

The nature of the kernel panic stipulates that two perfectly good pieces of hardware, software, cosmic rays, etc. dont get along. therefore, they panic. you try a different drive, no panic, then it's your drive. Done.

I know thats kind of a BS answer for the whole kernel panic thing. But believe me, people bring in machines to me saying "Oh, it does that freeze thing with the telling me I need to restart thing..."

So, I take in their machine, run MacTestPro, or Apple Service Diagnostic for 12 hours on the joker. And, its fine. No hardware failures that can be detected in 12 hours of recursive testing. Thats when we start hunting for that hay in the needle-stack.

RMA or exchange that drive. I'll bet a different one works fine. If not, we'll debate our way through step two. laugh
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 12:12 PM

I'm with modyourmac on this one all the way. It's just easier to get it RMA'd. And working Tier one support (being one of few that can backup the 'support' title) I can tell you that many people look for shortcuts. If you get it from Samsung you will atleast be guaranteed a fresh drive, not a spare that the distributor has laying around. If there is a problem after that, you atleast know where to go from there.

Call Samsung, scream till you get Tier 2 atleast. The dreaded 'supervisor' word immediatly may have you speak to Mr. Dialtone, so take it lightly. It will pay off.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 12:18 PM

Heh, that comment about phone support morons? Lets just say that present company ( Mr. Whitlock) is most assuredly excepted. wink

It'd be refreshing if half the phone people I had to talk to were as intelligent and the bunch of us are, So Sayeth I.
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/19/05 01:53 PM

I have had that happen to me, I asked to speak with the manager, because the person on the phone was a complete moron. He put me on hold for about 10 -15 min. After that, I got a dial tone! I don't think pissed was sufficient... mad
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Re:Powerbook G4 doesn't recognize new Hard Drive - 01/20/05 03:07 AM

Oh? Mr. Dialtone didn't help you? I'll go talk to him right now.