Clamshell screen

Posted by: Jias

Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 04:19 AM

I have an Clamshell iBook (I BELIEVE it's a Paris - 366MHz, one USB, one Firewire) that I've been upgrading. I put a 30GB HD in it, maxed out the RAM with a 512MB card, installed OS9.2 AND OSX (10.3), new battery. Two things I would like to do:

- put a DVD/CDRW drive in it (not a high priority, and since money is a little tight, it can wait)
- put a new display in it (they only have 800x600 screens)

Anybody know where I could find a 12.1" display that will work in this thing? Preferably 1024x768. Would this mean replacing the video card as well? I'm kind of new to this, and I know a LITTLE bit about hardware, enough to get by, but this'll be a first.

Wicked, thanks to anyone who can help.

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 04:33 AM

why not try to get an old ibook with a broken logic board or something. Buy it, take the screen from it, then sell off all of the other parts seperate. Who knows, you may even be able to make some money off of the deal. I would check ebay first.
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Re:Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 05:07 AM

As long as the LCD uses the same power specs and input on the logic board, you should be able to do that. But I think they have diff. specs because I remember that the inverter had some issues on Clamshells that the first Gen IceBooks did not.

I would look into that a bit more before going any further.
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Re:Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 05:30 AM

As far as the combo drive goes, I'm not sure if thats possible, but an external firewire or usb one is a route your willing to take, then that may be ok. Also if you are to go that route Lite-On Cd burners work nativly with macs, and os x loves them. With the display I really don't know what to tell you.
Posted by: maestro

Re:Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 07:03 AM

I know that there are DVD/cdrws for the clamshell. As for the screen, as far as I know you are stuck with the 800x600, which isnt so bad since it is so small. The book you have is a great one-hold onto it!
Posted by: Jias

Re:Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 10:43 AM

Yeah, I've done some research, and I know I can find combo drives of a few differnt types for it, but that's not that big a priority.

The screen, however, is a bit bigger of a problem. I love my mac, it blows my PC (which is dual-booting SuSE Linux and WinXP) out of the water based on convinience in both the interface and portabililty alone. Sure, it's a bit slower, but 366MHz is enough to browse the web, type papers - hell, it runs ProTools decently (but only in OS9, as the free version doesn't run in OSX, even in Classinc mode).

However, Garage Band (and iMovie, and a number of other apps) won't even let you install on a machine with this low a resolution. It's also a bit crowded when you're doing a few things at once - even Safari, AIM and iTunes is a bit much. The new 12" iBooks have the higher res displays, and still look good (if a bit small at times). I know GarageBand might not run so well, but I wouldn't mind giving it as shot, and besides, the only reason to NOT have a higher res screen (assuming it will work) is the money right? No harm in it if I can get it to work.

Oh, and Maestro? Don't worry - I don't plan on dumping this machine any time soon. smile
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Re:Clamshell screen - 01/06/05 12:43 PM

Shouldn't the question be does the video chip support a higher resolution.
I saw somewhere on a post here that they took an old iMac board out of the case and hooked up a higher res. monitor and it worked no problem.
But with something like a laptop I doubt that you would find such overhead room.
I could be very wrong.
Posted by: dankephoto

Re:Clamshell screen - 02/19/05 12:28 AM

You cannot make the onboard GPU output 1024x rez to the LCD, it's setup for 800x and sadly that's all it will ever do.

As for the optical, you can stick in most any slim ATAPI mechanism you like. CD/RW drives are pretty cheap these days . . . Visit and search the drive database to see what's worked for other folks.

dan k

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Posted by: Jias

Re:Clamshell screen - 02/19/05 07:57 PM

Yeah, I'm aware - that's why I said I wanted to replace the display - because these LCDs only have an 800x600 res. And I've found a couple different optical drives I was thinking about... haven't really committed to doing any of this yet - no money. College will do that to you smile . Thanks for the input though smile .
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Clamshell screen - 02/19/05 08:51 PM

what color is your ibook? if i know the color i can find the exact model and look at the video card specs.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Clamshell screen - 02/19/05 08:59 PM

nv, dont need the color. all the ibooks with 366 mhz have the 2x rage mobility, which can support up to 1280 x 1024, if ive found the right page on
Posted by: wormboy

Re:Clamshell screen - 03/08/05 11:06 AM

I think it would be possible to upgrade the screen to 1024x768,
Really you just need to find a screen of such resolution thats compatible with the interface!

(I.e. has the same connections to the mainboard.) Also it would have to be the same size!

I am buying a Clamshell Blue 366 with Firewire at the moment, and I really really want to find some way of upgrading the screen!

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Clamshell screen - 03/08/05 01:12 PM

you need to be sure that the current video card will support such a resolution. I am under the impression thats its probably a combination of both that is not allowing you.
Posted by: maestro

Re:Clamshell screen - 03/08/05 01:39 PM

I suggest looking for another laptop. Combining the cost of a new screen and the iBook
itself is pretty expensive. Why not just buy a used powerbook that is complete with
the screen you desire with more featues too.