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PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 10/17/04 04:39 AM

Hey again,
My sisters laptop was recently knocked off of her dresser by her beloved cat... Apparently shattering the screen (I will know exactly what happened by 6 tonight.) And says she needs a new screen/screen case. I looked through ebay for dead PB Ti's but they are all upwards of 100 bucks... Not too bad but still, that's a lot for just a screen. I see a few ups and downs of buy a dead/live old PB; First of all, you get the screen/casing, Second you get a second battery, Another charger, a HD, and possibly some good RAM. But it seems like a casing for an old PB should be like 20 bucks, not 200, does anyone know of a place where I could easily buy a new/used Screen/casing for my sisters laptop? Any thing cheeper than 100 bucks would be nice! Thanx. (more to come soon)


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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 10/17/04 05:03 AM

200 dollars for an old Powerbook Ti is a good deal in my opinion. If you found one with a good screen and casing for under that I wouldn't second think purchasing it on the spot if you need it. Think about it, an LCD, casing, keyboard, possibly airport, HD, ram, optical drive, etc! There are so many components that could be reused.

I don't think that its possible to get one cheaper. I honestly think thats a good deal. Anyway, I will keep an eye out and let ya know, but I would say go with that.
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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 10/18/04 11:15 AM

The LCD alone often goes for more than $200.
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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 10/28/04 07:16 AM

My school just so happened to have an old PB Ti. (My theatre teacher ran over it lmao) Well it is perfect, It has everything except screen, HD, and Powercord! and only 90 bucks... Great deal hu? well I am opening it up now, forgeting to take pics (about to get cam tho... Looks basically fine, but I dont yet have my sisters laptop to transfur to... I hope to upload pics soon... I might do a bit of moding (already adding ram but that is not much of a mod...

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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 10/28/04 07:50 AM

I thought that you said you needed a screen for your sister's laptop. And you said that this one has everything except for the screen. I am kind of confused.
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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 10/28/04 08:04 AM

No, it needed the screen incasement, the screen itself is fine...

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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 11/11/04 11:53 AM

I haven't put a lot in this post, but for thoes who don't want to go to the other postings, I have a computer from my Theatre teacher. I moved maybe 80% of the hardware from my sisters laptop to that one. I took lots of pics, and will be posting soon. I did a few norm mods to it, pic w/ apple, small repairs, part change. Two simi unique mods I did, made an advanced version of the pic behind apple, and I used some bronze screening for a repair. Sadly the computer is a needed item for her school work so I cant make many cool cosmetic things (Eg; paint the worn white paint, glue a few parts, close a few ugly cracks.) but hopefuly I will be able to work these smaller problems out. I missed one wire deep in the computer, so I have to take the logic board off again (for thoes who have disassembeled a PB Ti G4, you know the hassel involved) I hope to post a mod guide, and highlight the major problems I had so that everyone else can easily overcome them... I have sent an email to one of my friends asking if he wanted any of my spare parts, but if you REALLY need a part E-mail me, and I will send you a price I would ask for it... I might not have it... but I will most likely ask a ton less than eBay, but I WILL NOT pay shipping. Anyway hoping to get pics scaned in and post a full mod guide, including screw placement (One of the hardest things..) Screen removle/repair/replacement. (no pics will be added there because I didn't take any when I did it, I was on too much of a time crunch, but I will try and add some of the secondary screen holder to inlighten you.) And if there is anything that people are having an especially hard time with send me a message, and I will add it to the mod guide, as well as give you a quick responce.


(PS my email is KnifeLordV (at) Netscape.net)

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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 11/11/04 12:33 PM

[censored] out of them. I am sure that you don't like spam. If you do, change it back :P
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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 11/11/04 08:15 PM

Not to burst your bubble, but you know about http://www.pbfixit.com/Guide/, right?
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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 11/11/04 09:22 PM

To oojacoboo, the only reasion I post that email is because it is already spamed so often that I really dont care. Plus it has a ton of space like 1000 messages or so, its free so if i get annoyed with too many messages I can just shut it down and start up a new one. Its my least important of like 6 email addresses...
To Tutangeek, Yeah I looked at that sight a ton, and for many things it can be helpful, but it doesnt show which screws go where and that can get a bit confusing, some screws I memorized, and I kept all of them catorized but I didn't think to label them until I started puting it back together. The PB fixit site is great for a lot of stuff, but they need a few more pics, and a little more blurb on some of the details, and maybe a little less on the CD drive...


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Re:PB Ti G4 Backdrop... - 11/11/04 10:53 PM

I'm glad you took pictures and have info on screw placement. I hope to see them soon!

Damn, I wish this site was around a couple years ago, but then again it was more fun figuring it out w/o guides.