TiBook fan info?

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TiBook fan info? - 06/25/04 08:36 PM

Does anyone have the specs for the Gigabit-VGA Tibook's (667Mhz) internal fans? I'm curious if there are quieter or higher cfm units available.

With our TiBook you can hear the fans (very easily when driving an external CRT) but you cannot detect any air movement in or out of the side & back vents. Fans that actually move some air may let us actually use the laptop on our laps.

Alternatively, I may look into putting a fan in the rear duct of the BookEndz unit we use when the TiBook is running the big screen....
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Re:TiBook fan info? - 06/25/04 08:38 PM

you're right. My dad has that exact model and it gets hot very quickly and the fan seems to be as loud as a small hair dryer but never move air ......lol.... I've never thought of modding it tho.
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Re:TiBook fan info? - 06/25/04 08:49 PM

Hey great news! Here is a semi solution. I called around to see if there was an aftermarket fan replacement for the fan in the 667 but haven't gotten a response yet. i'll post one if I get one. HOWEVER i may have found another solution. The Powerbook Titanium 667 only has one fan in it but has space for 2 fans. The 800 and faster titanium books have 2 fans stock. By adding a second fan to the 667 the primary fan will start up when the temp gets high, but by adding a second fan which will come on later, if may keep the fan(s) from needing to run as long as they do now. Check this site out to order one. They are only 10 bucks and there is an install guide there too. You really have nothing to lose I guess.

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Re:TiBook fan info? - 06/25/04 09:31 PM

That is very curious - I had been hanging out in the Apple TiBook Forums covering the issue of noisy fans about a year or more ago and everyone spoke of two fans - the "quiet" one on the right side under the keyboard that cools the GPU and the blow-drier that lives in the rear center.

Nobody ever responded to my queries asking if anyone could actually feel air coming out of the vents.

Ah-hah I see the link you sent is for the 667 & 800 TiBook DVI, not the older 500 & 667 TiBook VGA ("Onyx" I see they were referred to as) model. I will nose about the site, though.