Antenna\'s for 15\" G4 PowerBooks

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Antenna\'s for 15\" G4 PowerBooks - 06/05/04 02:02 PM


Anyone successfully added an antenna to the 15" G4 PowerBook like to report some results?

I know Quikertek have a kit now - I think they take the lead out through the card slot.

Tony Williams
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Re:Antenna\'s for 15\" G4 PowerBooks - 06/05/04 02:16 PM

Tony, I moved your other post to the appropraite category in the forum and replied. Here is something else that you might find interesting. If you decide to partake in this expirament, please be sure to let us know how it goes, document your mod and take photos to post as a mod guide.

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antennae for TiBook - 12/10/04 12:36 AM

I used an AirPort antenna set from a clamshell iBook, fed cable out through hole punched into rear of case, taped antennae to display back. Pic not current, but gives basic idea:

some discussion here:

Reception excellent but antennae sticking out aren't convenient.

dan k

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Re:antennae for TiBook - 12/10/04 01:46 AM

thats intersting. Looks like you have the same setup as quickerteks whip antenna but without their $120 bill. I would venture to guess you get a lot of odd looks at the local starbucks tho :P
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Re:antennae for TiBook - 12/10/04 09:32 AM

Hmm far as I know, the airport norm card, and the airport extreme card are the same external port... I haven't compaired them side by side, but I do know the airport norm card's cable does fit in the extreme card. The main diff, is that the norm card is larger, thus more space in the compter... but is the same size as the pci slot, on both ti, and al. g4 books...

oh and dankephoto, do you live in CO? I noticed the be funny if we knew eachother... lol