PC power supply for PMac G4

Posted by: Kilopopo

PC power supply for PMac G4 - 04/28/09 01:59 AM


Does anyone know the dimensions of a powermac G4 power supply? I am planning of buying a powermac case and modding it to a pc. now my other question is what is a good pc powersupply that would fit in a PMac G4 any model.

please reply
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: PC power supply for PMac G4 - 05/01/09 05:44 AM

Macs always seem to have rather large power supplies. I am sure you would be able to find a PC PSU that would fit with ease. I don't have any specs on it though, maybe someone else will chime in.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: PC power supply for PMac G4 - 05/01/09 06:13 PM

Earlier G4s had PSUs that were slightly modified ATX units for the most part. For the pinouts certainly, the dimensions may vary slightly. The Mirror door G4 had a different PSU. Different shape.
Posted by: Oelmuvun

Re: PC power supply for PMac G4 - 05/01/09 09:17 PM

It sounds like he is sticking a PC motherboard into an Apple case. If that is the situation then just match the PSU to the PC mobo. Grab a 450-550w Seasonic or Corsair. You might have to slightly trim the rear plastic of the case I think.. but it should fit inside the case decently.

There are a number of pages around that bring up what you want to do, just look.