g4 iBook Dvorak keyboard?

Posted by: foothead

g4 iBook Dvorak keyboard? - 04/11/09 06:46 AM

Hi. I have had an iBook g4 for a few months now, but am getting annoyed by the qwerty keyboard, and I want to change the layout to Dvorak. Has anyone done this with an iBook? How can I get the keys off without smashing them. They seem to have this weird mechanism on the bottom of it that looks really fragile. Thanks for helping.
Posted by: foothead

Re: g4 iBook Dvorak keyboard? - 04/13/09 05:04 PM

Okay, Since nobody posted, I just went ahead and tried it. I used a screwdriver to pop all the keys off. I went to put them back in place, and realized that the hooks on the backs of a few of the keys were broken. I had to use epoxy to glue them back in place. After that, I decided, well, I might as well continue, so I put them back on in Dvorak layout. The only bother is that I lost my numpad, and the numbers are all in random places, but eventually I will sand them off. If anyone else wants to do this, be sure to pry the keys from the top, not bottom or sides.
here's a picture. http://s465.photobucket.com/albums/rr19/f00thead/?action=view&current=PC020031.jpg
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