Wet sand your case!

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Wet sand your case! - 09/30/07 11:58 PM

We all have painted a case or two but it never comes out glossy as we want it to be. I have been playing with wet sanding/color sanding for a while now. I mostly have done this to cars with high price paint jobs but this also works with cheap enamel spray paint. This also works to get rid of scratches on clear plastics or painted items.

Heres how wet sanding works. You have layers of paint and all of it is uneven. This makes it rough and makes it look like crap. The wet sanding takes off a layer or two and evens out everything out. The wet sanding isn't the only thing used. You also use a polish that fills in small scratches that are

A. Too deep
B. fills in the swirls.

Heres a example on a project I have been working my car but like I said this can be used on almost everything.

Now if that caught your attention then heres how you do it.

Tools needed
2000grit sand paper
Small bucket of water with a teaspoon of soap
A Small clean rag
Zymol Car Polish (Can be found in most car care sections at a store but be warn it costs 20 bucks)
Two sets of clean rags (Lint free)

How to use the tools
Soak the sand paper and rag into the bucket of water. Pull out the rag and drench the item you want to sand. Take the sand paper and rub the item. Do not use force, let the sand paper glide and use the right to left / Back and forth motion. Make sure the item is always wet and dip the sand paper into the bucket once in a while. Keep going until you feel a smooth glass texture.

When you have completed the sanding dry it completely. It will looks nasty and hazy but the polish will fix this. When it has dried use the polish and the lint free rags and start polishing. Use a small dab about a size  of a pencil eraser. Rub the polish in a circle like motion. Keep going until you see the mirror like finish. After you have gotten to the mirror / gloss  finish use the other rag to remove the left over polish.

If you plan to do something that is a clear plastic use Meguares Plastic polish.
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Re: Wet sand your case! - 10/01/07 02:16 PM

I've found that the 3M Rubbing compound (black bottle) is excellent for polishing out the swirls left by 2K grit wet sanding. Removes any trace of haze, so that your polish really does shine through.

And yes, I wet sand absolutely everything I paint. Nobody should have to put up with orange peel smile
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Re: Wet sand your case! - 10/01/07 02:35 PM

Thing is rubbing compound heats up the paint. So if you sand too much it could eat whats left of the paint. If you still have a nice layer of paint you can use a rubbing compound. A cleaner and polish should be used first and if it's still not up to your specs then use a rubbing compound. Sometimes a rubbing compound can be used instead of wet sanding but only if it's already smooth.

I have found if you use wet sanding on a color then polish then you add the clear coat and do wet sanding again, polish then a rubbing compound it will make a reverse 3D deep look.

Theres so many ways of going on this and so many ways people prefer.

I agree that no one should have to touch orange peel. No matter how you use it you can still see it.