Lime Book!

Posted by: Digitalwarlord

Lime Book! - 09/29/07 10:18 PM

Hi there, I have a Lime Clamshell 466 SE and I love it!!!!
But the casing is looking a little tired.
I have found a supplier on eBay but he's only shipping to the US (No exceptions) and I'm in the UK.
Anyone have any idea where I might be able to find a replacement top and bottom cover?
Also if anyone has a Lime Box they'd like to sell I'm very interested.....

Posted by: whitlock

Re: Lime Book! - 09/29/07 11:23 PM

I personally don't know, but I would suggest just waiting a few days and trying again.  You'll find another auction. 

You should also try calling some local UK Mac shops.  They are bound to have old, never been used, iBook parts still in storage.  I'd bet they are looking to get rid of it if they still do. 
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Lime Book! - 10/01/07 06:16 PM

They will be pleased to get rid of them. I have never had any spares for a clamshell in our stock cupboard, except for a combo drive. So they may not be all that common.
Posted by: Digitalwarlord

Re: Lime Book! - 10/01/07 08:57 PM

Yeah, I rang AppleCare who gave me a LOOOONG list of Authorised Apple Service Centres within 60 miles of my post code. After spending an afternoon on my mobile, not one had a single clamshell part.

One hadn't even heard of the the clamshell.

I've also been trying to find a delivery service that will deliver 3rd party mail....  but they don't exist either.

Seems like my limebook is destined to stay ugly.
Posted by: whitlock

Re: Lime Book! - 10/01/07 09:21 PM

NeXT Step: The States
Posted by: Digitalwarlord

Re: Lime Book! - 10/02/07 09:28 PM

That's the problem initially!!!! I have found the parts I want, in the States, but he won't ship!!!
Posted by: kerberosv2

Re: Lime Book! - 10/05/11 10:38 AM

I'd be happy to send it to you if you pay for the shipping, just have him ship it to me. I too like the Clamshells, and would like to see one rejuvenated. I know it sounds risky or whatever, but its always an option as long as I don't have to front more than a buck or two to help you out. Let me know.