is this possible?

Posted by: camerontrial

is this possible? - 01/08/07 10:43 PM

Hi, i have a macbook pro 17 inch and i wanted to somehow paint just 2 blue racing stripes on the lid, but nothing else, so i would still have all the metal, except for the metal that is painted over. Is this possible? if it is what will i need and how do i do it??
Posted by: maestro

Re: is this possible? - 01/09/07 12:48 AM

Just tape over the top of the book where you dont want the paint to go.  Dont forget to prime the area too.  You can leave the lcd on the computer and just tape the whole book over so there is no overspray.  Be sure to clear coat the top to keep the edges from chipping.
Posted by: Qtip42

Re: is this possible? - 01/17/07 03:19 AM

If you want a quality set of stripes on your expensive laptop, I'd definitely find a painter willing to do it.  Tops are easy to do.  Metal needs a self etch primer, not a regular primer.  A regular primer will flake off easy.

Only clear over the stripes, not the rest as to preserve the original finish.....that is, unless you want the entire top glossy. 

On the other hand, if you took it to someone who knows how to paint, they'd use the proper automotive paint and not rattle can.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: is this possible? - 01/17/07 07:12 AM

if you arn't set on the blue, could do some slick laser etching racing stripes into it.  I think that would look cool!
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Re: is this possible? - 01/17/07 09:21 AM

I'd still go with stickers......
Posted by: modyourmac

Re: is this possible? - 01/17/07 08:29 PM

if you're looking for some good quality racing stripes, you have several options. Check locally for sign painters, and see if they can brush them for you. The other option is to find your local supplier for paint and graphic supplies. You're looking for One Shot (Brand) lettering and striping enamel. Its pretty much the best stuff out there. You'll also need one or two good quality brushes, and some good masking tape. The right shop can sell you all of this stuff, and at not a huge cost.

Once you have everything, its a matter of masking off your stripes, and carefully brushing in your color. Once dry, you carefully peel off your masking, and you have racing stripes.

Bear in mind that with most paint, you'd have to clear over it. However, with the One Shot, its super durable, so you could get away with not clearing over it.
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Re: is this possible? - 05/15/07 11:43 PM

Look at pep-boys in the paint section. There are racing stripe kits, pinstripe kits and all sorts.