Link iBook 14"

Posted by: Big Hache

Link iBook 14" - 09/17/06 01:56 AM

I just got finished replacing a screen for a 14" G4 iBook with parts from G3 iBook. I repainted the back of the screen case with Link from The Minish Cap so that he looks like he's attaching the Apple logo. The character was painted with model paints, while the field was painted with Krylon spray paint. The spray paint did not spray solid so I got a texture in the process that came out pretty nice.
Posted by: reLAXER564

Re: Link iBook 14" - 09/17/06 06:19 AM

Very Cool!
Posted by: zenstate

Re: Link iBook 14" - 09/17/06 06:34 PM

very slick.  it turned out quite well.  congrats!
Posted by: Big Hache

Re: Link iBook 14" - 09/19/06 07:25 AM

Thanks. It was a fun project. This computer will be available on eBay within the next few days if anyone's inerested.