Al treatment

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Al treatment - 12/06/05 08:39 AM

Mods: I must have accidentally started a new thread. I meant to post this in the thread "PowerBook G4 Aluminum... Painted?"

Yep, that's the word I didn't think of! They're definitely anodized.

You could always do a complete tear-down on the chassis and get it powdercoated (I'm a big fan of good powdercoat).

The thing with Al is, though, that you need to "etch" (read: clean) it in a solution of phosphoric acid, rinse it, and then "clean" (read: condition) it in a nasty concoction known as alanine. I believe it's chromic acid, but I don't remember exactly. ...yeah, I had that fun job one summer :unsure: Just be sure to wear a respirator if you do that!

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Re:Al treatment - 12/06/05 12:24 PM

respirator smhespirator, brain cells don't matter.