Apple logo color LED's

Posted by: mechanisma22

Apple logo color LED's - 11/25/05 08:38 PM

I have an idea for a mod to somehow install those RBG multicolor LED's to illuminate the apple logo on the back of a PB or iBook. The power would be tied off the LCD power and there would be switched to select red, blue, or green or a mixture of colors. Since I sold my PB G3 I don't anything to test it out on. Any suggestion, or anyone willing to try it?
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Apple logo color LED\'s - 11/26/05 02:50 AM

i dont have a functioning ibook anymore, but its an awesome idea for one. There's enough room to place the leds around the outside of the apple logo. maybe use a thin plastic strip to "carry" the light across the apple in a contained strip. I would really like to see this one attempted

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Posted by: burtman

Re:Apple logo color LED's - 11/26/05 11:02 AM

just be carefull to make sure the light dosen't leak back to the lcd side, when i have my ibook facing really bright light i can see the apple logo throught the tft, so bright leds may make strannge effects if not completely masked.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Apple logo color LED's - 11/26/05 12:39 PM

good idea. just get the flat LEDs and paint one side black.