Project:DeFraction PB painting

Posted by: macDeviant

Project:DeFraction PB painting - 11/22/05 09:46 PM

okay so i found out from applecare to day that by installing a bigger HDD and superdrive in to my 15"powerbook i've voided my warranty. SO thus begins an early execution of Project:DeFraction. DeFraction is my band, industrial/techno. it is also the artwork that i have done. and the entire GUI of my PB is being changed to match this artwork. i'll be painting the outside shell black, and the inside a bright orange, but not flourescent bright.
now i haven't been totally swept away by the DAS keyboard idea and would still like to have letters on my keys. prefferably black with oragne letters. does anyone have any idea how i could accomplish this, short of painting on letters by hand


P.S. i will also be painting my gamecube, gameboy, xbox, G4 Cube, and various pieces of office furniture on the same scheme of black, green, purple, and orange. it's really a wicked color scheme.

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Re:Project:DeFraction PB painting - 11/23/05 04:51 AM

im telling you dude, stickers
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Re:Project:DeFraction PB painting - 11/23/05 09:39 AM

You could get those transfers that come on tracing paper.

Sand the old numbers off, attach the new ones (could be quite large and then you run the risk of having a 'special' persons keyboard ) laugh then laquer the keys to mke sure thay don't come off.

I'm sure that you can get those transfers in many different colours, or you change the backlight L.E.Ds to orange (if its aluminium), or if its titanium, i'm currently developing a circuit board that fits under the keyboard to backlight it. (gonna get multi-colour surface mount L.E.Ds to look more funky)
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Re:Project:DeFraction PB painting - 11/23/05 11:14 AM

Me love ind/techno. Anyway, I would use those rub on letters. Not sure if they will be durable enough. You could always paint letters on it. Tedious i know.

Be sure to post pics and a mod guide.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Project:DeFraction PB painting - 11/23/05 06:40 PM

Why not paint or use stickers and use some glue that drys clear and add a cote over the letters so they won't rub off and also add a friction/grib on the keys for less type'os. Also clear wood varnish would work also. That'll make the keys glossie and look nice.