Motherboard Sizes

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Motherboard Sizes - 10/11/05 07:15 PM

Hi, new here as you may notice.

I am wondering if there is a motherboard in a fairly good (post-2001 preferably) computer that is 5" x 7" or smaller (there is very little give here, about 1/8 of an inch at most). The reason I put this here is because it is most likely to be a laptop, even the B&W G3 is bigger, and I need to know the size for a special case. So, anyone have any ideas?
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Re:Motherboard Sizes - 10/11/05 07:37 PM

Thats pretty tight, Not sure how big the cube MB is but I think that would be the only one that small, other than the mini. Brand new Mini may be cheaper than using the cube board anyway, depends on how many parts you have already.
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Re:Motherboard Sizes - 10/11/05 07:58 PM

Checked already, the mini is about 6.25" square. The cube is a good idea though, I'll look into that. BTW, I don't have any parts yet, I'm just forming some ideas so I don't buy a whole bunch of stuff and find out it won't work.

Edit: just remembered that the cube needs a video card and all, it won't work because it needs to be thin.

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