Modding TiBook

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Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 11:43 AM

I have a TiBook (867MHz) with a broken screen and a badly damaged enclosure. I would like to put the internal components into a new enclosure. I'm open to any suggestions but my ideas were either a Mac SE (Or another similar mac) or Cube enclosure but the logicboard wouldn'y fit in a Cube. It would fit in a Mac SE if it was mounted vertically. Is there anyway I can do this and is there a suitible LCD for mounting inside the SE? I was partially inspired by this ( I would appreciate any advice.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 01:27 PM

maybe you could do something like the all in one imac unit with the guts behind the screen. Or you could just build your own case or using something retro
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 02:03 PM

I dug a bit further on the site and ended up with the nice English directions . The display they use is a great and all of the mounting instructions are included. What will be tricky is if you want to use the exisitng I/O's on the back. What you can do is get USB/FW/Sound/Power/Video/Whatever I missed extension cables and route them from the inside to the back of the case so you have those ports on the back.

LCD sites that they mention on the page:
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 06:40 PM

Thanks for your advice. The mounting instructions don't really apply for me because im not using a mac mini. How could I mount the internal parts of a TiBook in a Mac SE enclosure? And is there anywhere you know where I could buy a Mac SE (Replica or real) enclosure only. I don't really want to take out the insides of a working Mac SE. I can't find anywhere to buy that Camos LCD or even an English site about it and the price on one of those websites seems ridiculous: 349!
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 07:39 PM

You might try e-bay, I just did a search and found several SE's as low as $1.00 Us. Its the shipping thats going to hurt...
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 08:12 PM

Thanks. I found this ( The seller also says they have the rear case for $3 so the total price including shipping would be $13 B) . This si a lot less than the other SE's and I don't have to take apart a working Mac SE.

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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/22/05 10:34 PM

def. There should be enough space inside the SE to where you wouldnt' have any problems. I am not sure that this exact project has been done so you are going to have to tackle it on your own. You might have a look at the mod guides for the powerbooks though to get an idea. Keep us posted.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/24/05 04:47 PM

I'm going to need to enlarge the floppy slot for the optical drive. How should I do this?
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/24/05 05:45 PM

with a steady hand and a variable speed dremel tool
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/25/05 07:04 PM

I would like to be able to turn the computer on easily. The Mac Mini SE on this site uses a shutter release which is good except a hole has to be drilled in the case which I don't want to do. Will a Powerbook start up from a keyboard with an on button and which ones have this? I would appreciate any alternative ways to turn the computer on.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/25/05 07:07 PM

What you may be able to do is take some wire coming from the power button on the logic board and connect it to the front with a simple switch or button. Would look a lot better than that shutter release.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/26/05 01:10 AM

I second that suggestion Whitlock.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/26/05 03:14 AM

Most Apple laptops from G3s onwards (and likely before too) have a simple (usually blue and white) cable with a two pin connection to the motherboard. Any switch at all should easily connected to such a connection. Check the service manual.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 07/26/05 10:36 AM

Thanks. I will probably do that.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 08/01/05 09:45 AM

My SE case will arrive tomorrow. I'm still looking for a screen though. I can't find anywhere I can buy the screen reccomended for the Mac Mini SE. I would appreciate any suggestions on what screen to use.
Posted by: TJH

Re:Modding TiBook - 08/01/05 11:09 AM

How big is the opening for the screen on the SE diagonally?
Posted by: Millenniumman

Re:Modding TiBook - 08/02/05 06:58 PM

I got the case today. It doesn't look like it will be all that hard to do what I want to do with it. The screen opening is 8.875 inches diagonally, 7.25 inches wide, and 5.375 inches tall. I've got a question about the mod guides: Are they meant to be done all at once or can they be updated with progression in the mod?
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Re:Modding TiBook - 08/02/05 07:21 PM

the author of a mod guide will maintain access to modify and or update their mod as they please. It is your mod guide, you can do what you like with it wink Usually people submit the mod when it has been completed. However, you can do an in progress mod if you like. We might have to create a special section for that so it doesn't get confused with the completed mods. Would this be something members would be interested in, updating a mod guide as it progresses?

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Re:Modding TiBook - 08/05/05 09:24 AM

Millenniumman wrote:
I got the case today. It doesn't look like it will be all that hard to do what I want to do with it. The screen opening is 8.875 inches diagonally, 7.25 inches wide, and 5.375 inches tall.

Hmm. I was thinking you could use one of those 5" $20 dollar LCDs, but I guess that'd be a bit small. The only around 8-9" LCDs I can think of are in the little portable TVs. Do you have a screen lined up? or what were you thinking for that?
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Re:Modding TiBook - 08/05/05 08:04 PM

I really can't find the right screen. I know what I want for everything else and I've somewhat figured out I'm going to mount it. Would it be possible for me to an 8 inch laptop screen for another computer and connect it to the TiBook? If I used a regular stand alone LCD I will need to power it, have a way to turn it on, and I will need to be able to access the main laptop keyboard if my screen settings ever get deleted to make the computer mirror to the external screen. If I could get a laptop LCD to interface I would not have these problems. I would also need a place to buy one of these screens. This: seems to be the right thing at a reasonable price.

If that is not feasible the only LCD I have found is this: ( ) and various displays like it.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 08/06/05 11:08 AM

Using another laptops screen unfortunately wont work. It has to do with the fact that the controller for each laptops LCD is generally built into that particular laptops motherboard etc. etc. A quick search on google should suffice if you want a more detailed explanation.

It might just be me but the prices on those 8" lcds you listed seem pretty high. Your best bet is to try and find something that is more mass produced, like the liliput brand lcds. Also you could checkout car forums for special deals or group buys on LCDs for in-car computers. If money isn't an issue though, or you want it really quickly, and you trust that yahoo store that could be a viable option though.
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Re:Modding TiBook - 10/24/05 06:21 AM

hi, i'm new to all this, just bought a powerbook ti for dirt cheap. 100, so $200ish. its a 1ghz dvi model, but one of the hinges is broken (left hand). how difficult is it to change this? and can anyone offer any help/advice of what i should do - bar taking it to a qualified apple serevice technician, or to the big apple graveyard in the sky!
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:Modding TiBook - 10/24/05 01:25 PM

Well first of all you'll need a replacement hinge. They show up often on eBay, because they get broken often. Apple charge alot for them, so they aren't that cheap on eBay either. Make sure you get the correct one.

This is quite a big job as it happens, I swapped out some hinges on this exact model a couple of weeks ago. You have to take practically everything out in order to remove the display assembley. HD, optical, logic board and the inner frame. Which is pretty much all of it. You should get the service manual. Or use the online version at

The hinges are glued into the screen assembley, which itself is almost entirely glued together. There are two screws along the side edges, but the rest is glue. A sharp, thin bladed knife is required to take the diplay apart any further. Run the blade carefully under the edges of the front bezel. The bezel will peel up happily enough, but you'll notice it tends to curl. Do not let this happen. You must flatten it again as you go, if it gets all curled, the metal will kink when you attempt to straighten it. And then it will look crap when you're done. This is the voice of experience talking, I had to get a replacement front bezel, as I murdered the first one. So take care and take your time.

You should be able to remove the broken hinge by running your knife around it and carefully levering it out from the display housing. To glue the new one in place, and to reglue the front bezel back on, I recommend a heavy duty two part epoxy. Over here in the UK, the most well know brand is probably Araldite. I don't know if they sell it elsewhere or not. Glue the hinge in, make sure it goes in nice and flat. Lying the whole thing on a flat surface will actually pull it away from the housing ever so slightly, so prop it up on each coner and weigh it down accordingly. Its a good idea to prepare this before you do any glueing, and double check that all will sit as it should. You're going to need to leave it to dry for a while. Overnight is best if you can stand it. I glued the hinges in first, then the front bezel back on the following day, but once the hinges are set in place you should be OK to glue the bezel back on.
Then leave it overnight, propped and weighted, and you can put the whole thing back together in the morning.

Sounds like fun don't it?

Its not that technically challanging actually, and well worth being brave since most Mac repairers will charge you at least 2 hours labour (more than you paid for the laptop), though even if you pay someone to do it, in your case, you could still sell it for a pretty good profit when its done.

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Re:Modding TiBook - 10/25/05 03:23 AM

So let me see if i've got this right:

rip my laptop apart
take the screen off
unscrew the two screws on the side of the screen near the hinge
use a knife to prize the back bezel off
don't murder the metal
remove hinge and replace hinge with new one (ebay 49.99, what a rip off)
glue using araldite, or can i use basic epoxy resin with lots of hardner?
prop screen up (what at 90, or 45 to the worksurface?)
then after 24 hours glue rest of screen
put back together, and hopefully there are no spare screws!
sell on ebay for loads of money

there was one thing i did want to ask i also bought a superdrive for 4, is there any way in which to test it without putting it in my machine and also what are the normal problems that occur with them?

sorry about asking too many questions, but one last thing, on ebay at the moment there is alot of powerbook spare with the model number M8407, if i acquired these parts would they be useful if i murdered any of the casing?

thanks Waragainstsleep. are you based in England?
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Re:Modding TiBook - 11/01/05 11:43 AM

I am yes.

The TiBooks all have the same screen housings (if not screens), so if you need a spare bezel, then one from an M8407 should be fine. M8407 should be a 667MHz. Or maybe a 550 (same series). These have a 133MHz bus so many other parts are different from the first round of TiBooks (400 and 500 MHz).