two new mods

Posted by: modyourmac

two new mods - 05/16/05 11:05 PM

Hey gang! Sorry to have been absent from the goings on, but life gets the better of us all sometimes. Unfortunately an elderly grandmother comes before modding.

Anyway, I managed to get into the garage this week, and have two new bits of work for everyone to look over and give thoughts on.

First up, I finally bit the bullet and conquered the Ti-Book. Its one of the few I've not gotten to. Since the screen is a pain to get apart, I've been wary of masking it. But, I nailed it I think. Now, before anyone slams the paint selection, not that it wasnt my choice. My little sister is turning 21 a month from the 17th, and I'm flying to portland to see her. She's been wanting a powerbook for ages, so I built her one out of spare parts. She always asks for yellow and white, so I ran with it. The unit was primed and then painted with Auto Air's Metallic White (Fine), and their Pearlescent Yellow. It was then clearcoated. The link to this amazingly garish beast is:

Yeah, I know. It, uh, well...very yellow. But, Its for my sister, and I cant do her wrong.

Second up is an iBook for my friend Tony B. Tony has a thing for hotrods, like I do, and is a fan of tribal graphics and such. He asked me if I could do a candy fade. Having never done a fade before, I said, "Of course, I can! Look who you're talkin to!" Heh, lying through my teeth.Anyway, He chose Auto Air's Candy Orange, and Candy Sunset. the darker fading into the lighter. He also wanted some tribal graphics, in the Interference Blue. Well, I got in the garage, and I laid down a pretty fine fade. Not perfect mind you, but I thought it came out good. Good enough in fact, that I needed to post pictures before I sprayed tribal graphics and clear coated the unit. Bear in mind that the pictures linked below are NOT clear coated, so they still look very flat.

So have at it and lemme know what you think! All thoughts, both positive and negative are more than welcome.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 01:32 AM

All I can say is damn. You did a great job on those. Kinda wish the ColorWare thing was bad (but unfortunatly it was really good) so we could get that shell painted. Maybe you should try something similar with your mini case.

DAMN! Seriously, DAMN!
Posted by: maestro

Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 07:44 AM

I like the yellow, yeah its kinda garish but it looks cool. Wondering why you didnt show the lid. The iBook looks great too, I wanna see the finished product. I plan on doin some spraying myself as soon as it stops raining (two weeks straight and in the low 60s here).
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Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 09:33 AM

heh, whups. Sorry about not showing the lid smile

Its solid yellow, like the other yellow parts of the machine, with the Apple logo clear, so light can shine through like normal.

As to the orange ibook, I'll post complete pics when it's done smile
Posted by: Jias

Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 10:13 AM

Yeah, not a big fan of the yellow myself, but at least it's done right.
But that orange iBook? It's gorgeous.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 11:55 AM

very nice indeed modyourmac, as always! I too am not a fan of the yellow, but the ibook looks hot (pun intended). :P
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Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 01:00 PM

Dude, I knew, KNEW nobody would be a fan of the yellow. :silly: But, it was not my choice. AH well.

As to the ibook, I just heard back from the owner, and he wants it just straight orange, no added graphics. I'm absolutely relieved. I was hoping he'd opt that way. Once its cleared and done, the pictures will be most awesome. WOO!
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 01:40 PM

thats great news, I was not convinced that the graphics would help it out. It looked so great already. Anything else would have just detracted from its beauty.

the yellow is great, you did a good job. But, of course no one would be a big fan. maybe big
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Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 03:24 PM

No, I think big bird would wonder about it too. Course, there's no accounting for taste. I built my sister a Quicksilver G4, and of course, its all white, with yellow sides, and white apple logos. I dont understand it. We raised her in a punk/goth/rivet/freak culture. She avoided pink, but has this thing for yellow and white. (shakes head) She's a nutball, but she's my sister smile

Come to think of it, it kinda makes sense, me being a primary influence of strangeness and all.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:two new mods - 05/17/05 06:41 PM

now i don't know whether i should say i like the yellow Tibook or not :blink:
good job on both. by the way what did you use for the paint....? and was it spray can or gun...?
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Re:two new mods - 05/18/05 07:28 AM

Wow. heh. I gave up the can over a year ago now. Aerosols were somewhat limiting, and toxic. Currently, I'm using a 2 gallon compressor, a fully adjustable gravity fed touch-up gun, and an Iwata HP series airbrush. The paint is the Auto Air line of water based automotive paints from Createx ( laugh

Anyway, an update! I sanded and clear coated the Candy Orange machine last night! Of course, there's pictures.

It still needs to harden a little and get polished, but it looks good even without, methinks. Allaya have a look!
Posted by: whitlock

Re:two new mods - 05/18/05 11:31 AM

Even without polishing that looks really good and could probably go without it (in my humble opinion). I like that fade, it's classy. Not Donald Trump classy, but true class.
Posted by: dead13

Re:two new mods - 05/18/05 12:06 PM

Well i'm gonna say it i LIKE the yellow tiBook and the ibook looks great is that ibook painted from the inside or the outside?
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Re:two new mods - 05/18/05 12:10 PM

Thank you Mr. Whitlock, I consider that a highly paid compliment laugh
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Re:two new mods - 05/18/05 12:12 PM

heh, I'm glad you like the yellow smile Not all people are capable of rocking the yellow and white.

In regard to the ibook, its painted on the outside. A lot of the later models have completely opaque shells, so there's no way to paint inside. Similarly, its a lot easier to prep, paint, and clear coat the outsides of the shells :lol:
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:two new mods - 05/18/05 04:21 PM

I agree with whitlock. I would go without polishing it. It looks great as is!
Posted by: dead13

Re:two new mods - 05/19/05 10:44 PM

it really does look great how is the scratch resistance on the ibook i'm thinking of a pinkk to red fade for my girlfriend on mine and i really don't want to strip paint again.i'm getting a g4 powerbook soon that i might send you for the yellow if youu will do another one thhat color i would be willing to pay you for yhour time and supplies.
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Re:two new mods - 05/19/05 11:14 PM

Hey Dead,

Well, the thing to remember is that with all my stuff, I paint on the outsides of the shells. So it IS a painted surface and it can scratch like any other painted surface. Depending on how heavily I clearcoat something, the scratch resistance varies. The heavier the clear, the less chance of wearing through to the paint, and so on. Obviously, care goes into it too. I painted my iBook a pearl blue, and gave it 3 coats of clear. Its either in my laptop sleeve, or on my lap/desk/whatever, with no scratches whatsoever. Its more a care issue than anything. You take care of it, and it wont scratch smile

For paint work of your own, the tricks are simple. Go to the hobby shop and pick up the Testors sanding films. About two bucks. use the red film to lightly sand in between primer, paint, and clear. If you have a really super smooth finish, the results are way better. For primer, pick up the Valspar etching primer (the light gray color works super well) and use that as a base. For the clear, Valspar has cans of what they call "Truck and SUV paint." look for the cans labeled "Clear Top Coat." Give two or three light dust coats, with 15 minutes flash time in between, and then several medium wet coats. You want to see the surface of the computer glisten, but not dripping. 3-4 coats like that with a 30 minute flash time in between. let them sit overnight inside so they can start to dry out. when they're totally dry to the touch, you're getting somewhere. It'll take about a week to totally harden over though. Handle them gently to keep them from marring, etc.

A week later, dig out the sanding films and take the white one, the finest one, and gently sand the clearcoat smooth. then you can hit it with teflon and carnuba car wax smile

In terms of powerbooks, if you're interested in having me do some work, I currently offer to paint the lids on Aluminum Powerbooks. everything else is a royal pain. But the lid is the most shown off part anyway laugh I can get a spare lid, so your girl can keep her original just in case. If your interested, message me directly and we can get into details.

Okay, yeah, that was a lot of info. Apologies for the long post. Hope its helpful!
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Re:two new mods - 05/19/05 11:18 PM

Oh yeah, just a note to follow up, I presented the iBook to the recipient this evening. He absolutely loved it. We discussed painting the keyboard to match, so that process might get to be another thread once I tear into that idea smile
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:two new mods - 05/20/05 01:10 AM

nice, I would love to see that done, I know it would look killer!
Posted by: whitlock

Re:two new mods - 05/20/05 11:12 AM

The keys on a keyboard are the one thing I avoid religiously.
Posted by: modyourmac

Re:two new mods - 05/20/05 11:15 AM

true that. Unless you can touch type, you're kinda screwed. However, I can, and I have a couple dozen fragged keyboards. So I might as well try. Besides, if I come up with the ultimate results, it would be all kinds of crazy awesome smile
Posted by: MikeMan

Re:two new mods - 05/20/05 08:45 PM

all i can say is NICE!!!!
Posted by: whitlock

Re:two new mods - 05/20/05 11:05 PM

Heh, I wonder how TiBook keys would look on that? I know you can swap out some of the keyboards without any issues. That popped up in my head when i was remembering swapping out iBook and PB keys to have a checkerboard black & white look. Completely random, I know.