Sweet iBook Paint

Posted by: whitlock

Sweet iBook Paint - 12/19/04 09:07 PM

During my typical browsing, I came upon photographer Christophe Jobic's iBook. Sweet paint job, thought it needed some props from the crew.

The pic is from No Starch Press for Leander Kahney's "Cult of Mac" book.

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Posted by: krusher117

Re:Sweet iBook Paint - 12/20/04 11:36 AM

I WANT THAT BOOK! And yes when I saw that ibook on news.com's coverage of Cult of Mac I just admired it for 10 minutes or so. Its an amazing paint job.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Sweet iBook Paint - 12/21/04 07:30 AM

Your damn straight! This is such a great paint job...and it doesn't void the warranty either. Great for most people. Looks like he used auto paint, or whatever you normally use on helmets.
Posted by: zenstate

Re:Sweet iBook Paint - 12/21/04 09:48 AM

verynice. I would have used different colours though. smile