My own Apple iTablet

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My own Apple iTablet - 12/08/04 03:51 AM

First time Posting this site was a great find

I have converted an iBook into a Tablet. It had been working beautifully until the Troll Touch resistive screen broke. No fault of theirs. I was definitely using it in a manner that it was not designed for. I did reed that Troll Touch came out with something similar. My reason for Posting is that I would wish that Mr. Jobs would finally get around to making a Tablet. I no everyone says it is a dead market, but Apple has proven so many times that if you design it right "they will come" I think it is about time. I am not kidding if I would say that I would like to embarrass them into it. Come on if I can build one myself, and it turns heads every time someone sees it, Apple could do it a thousand times better.
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Re:My own Apple iTablet - 12/08/04 04:07 AM

I actually visited trolltouch during my search for a decent add on touch solution for a laptop screen. Even browsing their site, the only add-on i see is for a CRT screen and its hideous. Did you buy the pre-built ibook from them or do they sell a self-install kit? What did you use?
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Re:My own Apple iTablet - 12/08/04 04:20 AM

No, they were very kind. I built it up from scratch. They were willing to sell me the parts. But I have to say the way to go is with a Wacom, the Troll Touch only mimics mouse movement where as the Wacom will give you access to full ink implementation. I have designs for a new Tablet with the Wacom. But I am hard pressed to justify the time and expense. Also I am upset at Apple that I have to do this all myself, I have used PC Tablets, and for whatever people want to say they are impressive for what they do and they are only getting better. Not to mention the application support out there for them.
I am giving a shot at posting a picture, I do not spend much time on line in forums, forgive me if I am not following the best etiquette.
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Re:My own Apple iTablet - 12/08/04 07:33 AM

thats beautiful! I would love to post this on the homepage as a featured mod. Do you have pictures of this mod that you can put together and write up a mod guide on how you built this? This is very nice! If not, I would like to put it on the homepage with a gallery of images for an article, never the less. Can you do a writeup from the usermenu, either a mod guide, if you can, or a news item with image gallery... laugh
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I am honored - 12/08/04 07:50 AM

I would be honored. But, I do have to say, I built it purely out of necessity as a tool. So I do not have many pictures that show the process. I do have pictures of the innards, and I can write up what was done and the thinking behind it. And like I say I would love there to be enough interest generated that Apple might think seriously of bringing something to market.
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Re:I am honored - 12/08/04 08:11 AM

what better way then to do a great write up and show it off on a website with a good deal of visitors? wink laugh
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Re:I am honored - 12/08/04 11:29 AM

wow! i'm very impressed by that. nice job!
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Re:I am honored - 12/08/04 10:12 PM

The iBook touch screen is a great mod. I like how everything looks clean and also is obviously functional too. I like the stand/cover and would like to see a few more pics of it, and maybe a Mod Guide/Howto for the touchscreens. Very good job, and you deserve a gold star.

B) B) B) B) B)

I was not aware of Troll Touch. They offer some pretty neat products over there, and they seem like a nice company too. Maybe I will convince someone who has deeper pockets than I do to purchase it.
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Re:I am honored - 12/08/04 10:35 PM

Thank you all
I'm in the middle of teaching class (photography), iTablet in hand, editing my personal work, looking at students work, and replying to you kind folk, all while walking around.
I spent last night writing and putting together images that I would hope to submit latter today.
As Dyslexic as I am my wife does not trust me to send out much writing without her OK.
This is not an over reaction, spell checking leaves little red dots all over my screen.
When will there be spellchecking for filenames tell me that.
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II believe I submitted - 12/09/04 12:56 PM

I believe I just submitted a Mod Guide with text and 7 images
Not sure if I did that all correctly, not even sure if this is the correct place to inform you that I did just submit.
I do hope if this was not correct procedure you will forgive this trespass.
Really thank you very much
Joseph DeRuvo Jr.
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Re:II believe I submitted - 12/09/04 02:45 PM

actually, I am not showing a submission. Can you tell me what you did. It didn't work. Also, be sure to save your code before submitting incase there is a problem. This way you don't loose all your hard work.
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Re:II believe I submitted - 12/09/04 09:42 PM

I had that problem once when I was updating my mod. Make sure you have it checked in. The User Menu on the left will have the "Check-In My Items" area.
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Maybe this time - 12/09/04 10:36 PM

Hey I'm a little slow
But I just realized that the icon on the top right of the submit page
You know the one next to the X
Is the save button.
I think I did it correctly this time
You tell me
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Re:Maybe this time - 12/10/04 01:48 AM

Your submission did go through. We'll review it and post if up for ya. Thanks and sorry you had to do it twice.
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Re:Maybe this time - 12/10/04 03:09 AM

Joseph, I have posted your mod. If you could please go to the mod in the appropriate section and edit it to add the images that would be great. If you are having troubles throw me a pm and I can help you out. laugh