modding 12" 1.2ghz g4 ibook

Posted by: anfer393

modding 12" 1.2ghz g4 ibook - 11/07/04 05:43 AM

I have a new 12" g4 1.2ghz ibook and would like to paint the outside of the top cover. I look on the internet to see how to properly remove the top cover, but they are all for the g3 ibook. Is the g4 ibook top cover attached differently than the g3 ibook top cover? If so are there any guides out there on how to remove the top cover of a g4 ibook?
Posted by: zenstate

Re:modding 12 - 11/07/04 07:08 AM

not sure about the lid but I would for sure wait till your applecare is up. applecare is NOT mod-friendly.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:modding 12 - 11/08/04 11:03 AM

na screw it, go ahead and mod it, lol :x j/k macmod is not endorsing that idea! I think that the take apart is the same. The plastic is just white, instead of painted white from the inside. if there are allen screws on the sides of the top, down the side of the lcd, you can just unscrew those and then kinda pup it off. It will stay on if you don't kinda pry it like a tupeware container. :huh: