G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod

Posted by: grasal10

G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/27/04 05:51 AM

I have a G4 Graphite Mac with a DVD rom and a vacant bay which upon close examination seems to only accommodate space for a ZIP drive. I wanted to add a DVD burner in the area the ZIP drive bay. Has anyone done such a modification. Regards, Graeme
Posted by: krusher117

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/27/04 11:14 PM

The zip bay will accomodate a 3.5 inch drive, however it is possible to dremel the aluminum and create a support structure inside to house a 5.25" drive. I have run a hard drive in that slot before (note to self, next time don't fry the drive by not ventilating properly). The extra power and IDE cable is all set up for you. All you need to do is make room. It's very simple, but I haven't seen it done. You may be the first. Can you take pics and make it a guide for others?

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Posted by: whitlock

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 12:17 AM

I know I'v seen a mod for this, though after 40 minutes of scouring, I could not come up with it. But using Dremel tool to the metal, dropping a couple pieces of threaded metal down from the top bracket, making sure that they are tight will do the trick. The issue is with the plastic.

With the plastic front cover, you would need to use the Dremel at a slow speed to cut, use fine grade sand paper around the edges. You will not have a nice looking faceplate, unless you can get another plate from eBay or a fellow G4 tower, which could be butchered (a shame, I know). You could then cut that face down to fit where the open slot is, glue it, and you would have a flush faceplate. I would imagine that would work for you.

I can't think of anything else to add. Krusher, you have any suggestions on the plastics that I may have missed, or dropping the metal supports in?
Posted by: krusher117

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 04:05 AM

I think the mod will be easy to do. Making it look good may be another story. When I had to cut a shape, I used a drill bit in my Dremel. Do they make a sideways cutting tip? I dont recommend using a drill bit because it will look terrible.
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 05:00 AM

The answer is that you can't.
Take a look at where your RAM is on the board, when the case is shut. There is not enough clearance for a larger bay. Even if you were to dremel a bigger hole, and make a new mount, you wouldn't be able to have any RAM installed, and have the case shut. That is, unless you came up with some sort of crazy scheme to move the RAM (far easier said than done, I don't expect to see it wink ) :P
Posted by: grasal10

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 05:03 AM

Hi. Thanks. It doesn't look impossible but I'd have to be careful not to butcher it. Creating new mountings for both DVD drives would be an issue. Graeme
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 06:12 PM

I repeat....

Try gluing on a piece of cardboard to expand the width to that which it would be when a full size drive is there. Close the case. You prubably will experience difficulties closing it. When you open it, if you closed it fully, you will find your cardboard is all out of place. If you put wet red paint on it, you would find your RAM covered in red paint.

Don't bother cutting. It won't work.
Posted by: grasal10

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 08:53 PM

Hi TutanGeek. I had a look and my RAM actually goes above the top DVD Drive however, I see your point as making the bottom (ZIP) bay larger is impossible because it is the heat sink for the accelerator that actually butts against the lower bay. You are right ...it is impossible......Drat.

Many thanks Graeme
Posted by: whitlock

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/28/04 10:46 PM

On the older, original, G4 towers the ram was centered in the case, and at the top so it goes above the top bay. And on the Graphites I could have sworn they were in the same position, whereas the newer cheese grater G4's had their RAM placed beside the heatsink. If you could send a pic of what your talking about Tutan, I'd appreciate it, but having a hard time visualizing it, since the RAM would hit the original optical drive if it were that low.
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 10/29/04 01:13 AM

I sold it. It's possible that it was the heatsink. Whatever it was, it would still be impossible.
Posted by: mertzen

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 11/04/04 09:14 AM

I saw a guy's page on this months ago .. the link is dead for a long time now .. it did include a lot of dremel work and the door wasn't spring loaded ..
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 11/04/04 02:03 PM

thanks for sharing that mertzen. This piece of information is great to prove my point, mad . the reason for macmod and its purpose. If everyone would take the time to post their mod guides on our site, these would not get lost in the ever disappearing world of websites. It is a shame that so many great mod guides, that could assist so many other modders, are no longer around due to this reason. This is also why macmod stresses posting your images on our server for hosting. Not only is hotlinking wrong, sites like these go down, and when the images are gone, the mod guide looses most of its value. So, take this as a lesson, contribute to the macmod mod database, and help the mac modding community. :P

Ok, I am done now laugh
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Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 11/05/04 10:10 AM

I have a graphite G4. Your main problem will come from your heatsink. The RAM is located on the logic board in such a way that it is actually above the optical drive when closed so no worries there. The heat sink will provide only a minor headache if you are serious about this mod. I have a OWC G4 700 upgrade and it comes with an L shaped heat sink with a fan located on the side of the L that is not on the processor.

Even with this setup, a 5.25 drive would touch the heatsink. You will have to resort to a custom heat sink and no doubt have a fan attached to it as well. Its very possible, just a bit more difficult that I originally anticipated.
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:G4 Graphite ZIP bay mod - 11/05/04 06:58 PM

Even worse, since you couldn't just have the fan blow straight out.