Paint on a trackpad...

Posted by: OSX2000

Paint on a trackpad... - 10/20/04 02:06 PM

So I'm gonna repaint my TiBook. I'd hate to leave the trackpad the old color, so I'm wondering, what is the effect of a light coat of metallic spray over the pad? Will it still work underneath? Or is there another way I should tackle this?
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Paint on a trackpad... - 10/21/04 12:38 AM

Trackpad technology is dependant on heat, so any paint would wear off, and also may affect the mouse functions. It would be easier to find a thin film to cover the top of the trackpad, and glue it underneath. This way you would get the functionality, and the look. As long as it can transfer the heat from your finger to the pad, that is what you should look at.