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Posted by: whitlock

Clear Mods - 07/22/04 08:14 PM

is anyone a fan of changing the ibook white to another color to make it seem more transperant/darker? i'm a purist and i prefer the white look, but i want to see what people have to say about this. get the other sides point of view.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Clear Mods - 07/22/04 09:44 PM

Well Whitlock, I can tell you from experience and one of the encouragements for starting macmod why I did. I saw the powerbooks, I loved them, then the ibook came out, and it was affordable, small and looked pretty nice. However, when the ibook first came out, I was not a fan of the white look. I was just not me. So, I decided after some research that I was going to mod it and make it a mini powerbook. However, ,I got to the paint store and decided to go with a navy color that had a sparkle effect, (no, not a fairy sparkle effect, subtle). It turned out quite nice. I really liked it. Then I sold it and got 100 dollars more for it than similar models b.c of the mod. laugh But, for now, I agree with you. The white has grown on me, I actually have a white ibook sitting around that I don't want to mod. But, when they came out....
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Clear Mods - 07/22/04 09:46 PM

yeah, i guess the white did grow on me also
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Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 02:55 AM

Heck, I'd just be happy to have the iBook to start with, let alone making any mods to it. I'm just now beginning to get up the nerve to consider doing something with my 6 y.o. Beige G3.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 07:39 AM

beige g3. oh my friend, you can have some fun with it. you have the advantage of simple mods such as jumper over clocking and simple, strait-to-business paint jobs. also the board size is not too cumbersome to deal with, unlike older models. you could always make a clear case wink
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 07:52 AM

I would like someone to create a perfect clear cube that sits on a stand. The stand hold it by one of the corners so that from the front it appears as a diamond.

Did that make sense? Anways, its not the fact that its a cube that makes it look cool, but rather the stand creates the cool look.

Here's a place to start for ideas on a perfect cube that is clear

Posted by: whitlock

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 07:59 AM

hmmm....well lets see. i like how the actual g4 cube's stand is, where they have it stand on the sides, and then the pc starts half way up. actually, the cube is the only clear machine i like in honesty. but that was because it was not modded to make it's parts clear.

krusher, how good are you with acrylic drilling and cutting? you could have some serious fun with that project. but it would warm my heart if you painted the inside of the case, to give it a ibook look to it.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 08:16 AM

I'm tossing around ideas for an imac 233 Rev C and a Powermac AOI G3. Perhaps one of these could make it into a new casing, we'll see. I'd like to fabricate my own cube, but it will take a very small motherboard and will probably be easiest with a pc motherboard since I don't have a G4 cube. frown

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Posted by: MarMightyGood

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 08:59 AM

I liked the white look of my ibook from the start. You wouldn't ever catch me modding it to another colour. I prefer to mod everything else around to match it!
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 09:46 AM

Did you ever see the firebook? I'll look around the net for it. Its an old 5300 I think that was red. That color would look pretty pimp on a ibook, although I am a fan of the apple white
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Clear Mods - 07/23/04 10:13 AM

i think red flames on the white would look pretty tight, in my humble opinion