ibook 14 inch cases

Posted by: lailla

ibook 14 inch cases - 07/14/04 02:44 AM

Does anyone actually know where I can buy them? I have been looking loads of places, ebay etc.. only found 1 or 2 and they are 12 inch.

Does it matter if they r g4 or g3? Would either fit either laptop? Mine is a g4 ibook - i really wanna paint it - but don't wanna mess up my own case.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:ibook 14 inch cases - 07/14/04 09:03 AM

Not too sure what you are looking for but here are some options:




It appears that companies are selling cases that are designed for the 15" powerbook for the 14" iBook. This makes sense. However, I am sure that you are going to have a little bit of additional space left in the case.

As for painting the ibook, you will have to paint the outside as I have learned the new ones don't have the ability to remove the cover and paint the inside. Check the mod guides for some techniques on how to paint your ibook.

Posted by: krusher117

Re:ibook 14 inch cases - 07/14/04 12:02 PM

One of my favorites is http://www.sfbags.com. They carry the waterfield cases that are very attractive and affodable
Posted by: mark

Re:ibook 14 inch cases - 07/15/04 10:24 PM

PBparts.com usually has a decent selection of case plastics, however they aren't cheap. Your best bet is to keep watching eBay for a 700MHZ G3 ibook or lower if you want to strip the paint and make your own design. Get one with a dead screen then part out the other electronics. After that and into the G4 line Apple moved away from the painted lexan. To some degree you might be able to use different model case plastics, but it will probably require extra work. Tho' I vaguly recall someone using newer parts in older plastics.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:ibook 14 inch cases - 07/16/04 12:43 AM

well, belkin makes good bags. i use a backpack they made for my laptop.

p.s. if you want to save some hard earned cash, the coupon code "12345" will save 50% off of anything. my backpack should have cost $70, but $35 was okay with me :P
Posted by: MarMightyGood

Re:ibook 14 inch cases - 07/16/04 04:57 PM

With the ibook case plastics...be careful that the case you buy has the same kind of optical drive as your ibook. Not sure if ibook slot-loader plastics are compatible with the tray-loading models and vice versa.
Posted by: mdavis71

Re:ibook 14 inch cases - 02/10/05 12:29 AM

does anyone know where i can buy G4 cases that can be cleared out? thanks matt