Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods?

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Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods? - 06/26/04 04:50 PM

I have a Wallstreet II 300MHz that I'm rebuilding and upgrading and I recently purchased a 14.1" LCD screen for it but the problem is that the outer case of the screen has many small scratches on the rubberized center part of the case, as well as a few scratches on the plastic case itself. I want to touch up the original black paint for both the plastic and rubberized areas but I'm not sure which paint I should use and if I should attempt to strip the rubberized section and then paint it. Any suggestions on types of paint and/or techniques? Thanks!

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Re:Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods? - 06/26/04 11:05 PM

It looks like The Silverback Spiderbook mod may have part of the answer

"spraypainted with two light coats of Testors Metallic Silver spraypaint. "

so at least for the plastic side area you can use that kind of paint.

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Re:Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods? - 06/27/04 02:54 AM

I used high gloss blue krylon on my powerbook a few years ago

A metalic color would have been a lot nicer though

Edit: Don't touch the rubber. Just tape over it and paint the hard plastics. Use colored plastic wrap under the case to color the apple. Pectra model paint is also very good (but harder to come by, and is a bit more difficult to use than krylon)

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Re:Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods? - 06/27/04 04:18 PM

as for the rubber part, i'd imagine there would be some sort of chemical you could use w/o damaging most of the rubber trying to get some scratches off. i'll do some more research into it.
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Re:Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods? - 07/19/04 09:19 AM

I foound 2 chemicals that do work to remove marks and burnt in fingerprints and such rather well from the rubber part.

1. Ecosense Tub & Tile
2. Concentrated Goo Gone (which by the way is certified by and used by Apple when re-manufacturing/refurbishing and in apple certified repair shops). As for the little ding i would have to say lightly use a black silicone sealant
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Re:Powerbook G3 paint repair/mods? - 07/19/04 06:06 PM

ubergeek, thats awesome, would you mind posting that as a mod technique? That would be really great! If you do, be sure and include information on where to buy as well.