G3/Bronze Mods?

Posted by: lawson

G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/05/04 06:04 AM

I just acquired a Pismo that was headed for retirement from a friend, and am in the process of doing all of the usual updates -- ram, drive, G4 processor...

It'd be nice to add slick case mod at the same time, just to set it apart a little from it's stock G3 past...

Anyone have any ideas or seen anything slick? The translucent keyboard is just crying out for a lighted keyboard mod, but I'm not sure just where to start...
Posted by: mark

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/06/04 07:21 AM

Here is a good write up of how to do an illuminated KB mod to an iBook, its going to be pretty much the same on a Pismo. You'll have to probe around with a multimeter on your own but there are several places you can tap the voltage. A USB port is good for 5 volts. If you want to use that you'll want to add a switch (lights off when you plug something in), otherwise you could overdraw the USB bus and break something. The logo mod is also pretty easy to do on Pismos, especially if you use a transparency
Posted by: krusher117

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/06/04 08:08 AM

That mod rocks!. I just msged the author of it to get permission to post it on macmod.
Posted by: scottk

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/06/04 08:30 PM

It's people like that and sites like this that really help people do some amazing things with their computers. Wow. You're right. That does rock!
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/06/04 09:35 PM

check the latest mod additions. The optical backlit ibook mod guide has been added.
Posted by: scottk

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/09/04 05:22 AM

While this mod is impressive, it's not the one I was hoping for. It's not a fiber string that should illuminate the keyboard. These can be uneven, and if I'm not mistaken from something else I've read, they can easily shift, providing uneven light.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/09/04 08:15 AM

If there was only something that could be done with an old PowerBook 5300. frown
Posted by: krusher117

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/09/04 08:18 AM

I believe that the alum powerbooks are lit through fiber optics. Also, if you check out the "blue ibook mod" he used a different technique of making the light shine through so its very consistant and professional looking.

Mangus - be creative. old computers are awesome cuz you can expiratment and have fun without worrying about messing up valuable equipment. I'm about to get a 520c to mod up. That should b fun
Posted by: mark

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/09/04 02:53 PM

There are some Duo modders that remold the plastics. the 5300's and 5x0's keys should be pretty easy to remold. There's a good how to at


As for the AlBooks, yes they're fiber optics. A friend of mine did a green key mod to his 17" PB and had it online for a couple weeks, but its not there anymore :'(
Posted by: whitlock

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/12/04 01:24 PM

I love the brushed metal look on anything. I'd also think about spraying down a strong clear gloss that is built to last on your painted parts to give it that extra shine. The pismo's scratch pretty easy. Also of note: try to get some iBook keys, because I had seen that checkerboard mod. That would be something to work around with (different coloured keys). The Aluminum PB Pismo look would rock though.
Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/13/04 02:02 PM

I too have a lombard (A slower pismo with no firewire, but with SCSI), but alas, the keyboard is dead. Here is what I've done to it:
1 - Classic paint mod - Everyone's done this before, all that it is is spraying the hard plastic bits blue and putting some blue plastic under the apple

2 - Car Linux Audio player! I installed Debian and got a CrystalFontz LCD, and set up an audio jukebox, which I plan to install in my car in the upcomming weeks. I'll post a full how-to mod here when I install it, but for now I have A work-in-progress photo gallery

You could also make it into a set top box, using the LCD, or make it into a single use machine, like how I turned and almost-dead-ibook into a DDR box (no screen or keyboard).

I'd be interested in seeing a Lombard/Pismo mounted in a car with the screen on a seatback though, since the large screen would be perfect for in car movies
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/13/04 02:07 PM

Tutan, I am planning on doing this in my car when I get back. But I have found these 7" LCDs that you can buy for like 200 dollars. I was thinking about taking this route. But, nonetheless, I would love to see how this comes out in your car. Please take lots of pics and get us that mod guide when you can. You will definitely get mod of the week for that!

Posted by: oojacoboo

Mobile Mac! - 06/13/04 02:19 PM

Tutan, check out some of this stuff for your mod. It would be sick if you could do this mod, then I wouldn't have any problems to work out when I try, lol. Anyway, just sugestions.

This is a 7" diagonal LCD that has a vga connector for a computer. I don't remember, does the powerbook have a VGA connector?

Lilliput 7" XGA Touchscreen 619GL-70NP

OPUS makes some power supplies. Depending upon how much voltage you need. There is a 90 and a 150. The good thing about these is they allow you to regulate the voltage input, anywhere from like 18 volts down to like 4, so the computer wouldn't restart on a car crank. However, if you are using a laptop this wouldn't be a problem anyway.

I was planning on adding a wifi connection on mine so that I could transfer my music to my car without having to touch the computer or mess with discs. This would also allow for internet access when in the drive.

If you get a bluetooth connection for you powerbook you can use the T610 and your wirless internet via your cellphone on the road!

If you want a larger hard drive for the computer I know there are IDE converters available as well.

Let me know how you come out and what you are choosing to use.

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Mobile Mac! - 06/13/04 02:22 PM

Here is some software for that display that you have. I think that this should work for you. Check out...

Posted by: TutAnGeek

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 06/14/04 12:00 AM

Thank you jaco, but I've allready got everything I'm looking for. I don't want to get an expensive LCD because:
1 - A desktop environment takes longer to boot
2 - It looks a bit TOO hot - there are too many stories of people having theirs stollen

I've seen the liliputs, and if I were to get a graphic LCD, that's what I'd definitely get. The ACLAS software is interesting, but a bit of a pain in the but. I run CAJUN

I've also seen the OPUS power supplies, but again, I'm going with a powerbook! I have a kensington auto adapter. I don't need to worry about cranking becasue my battery lasts about 2 hours, so unless I'm starting the car for two hours straight, there shouldn't be an issue wink

I actually have a Samsung SCH-A310 (a no-frills phone), and a data cable. I *might* set up the data-link cable I have so that when I plug in my phone to charge, the powerbook dials and sets up a wifi hot spot. We'll see though. Data charges on my plan are pretty high

Oh, and just "Tut" is fine smile
Posted by: oojacoboo

Mobile Mac! - 06/14/04 01:37 AM

Sounds good Tut, thats what I meant by using a laptop, as long as there is a bettery there isn't anything to worry about on the crank. I am interested to see how this comes out, so keep us posted.
Posted by: StillbornChrist

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 06:12 PM

lawson wrote:
I just acquired a Pismo that was headed for retirement from a friend, and am in the process of doing all of the usual updates -- ram, drive, G4 processor...

Ooooh.. is it really true? can you stick a G4 Processor in a G3 laptop???

Sureley it can't be as simple as just that? What other mods need to done?
Posted by: maestro

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 06:18 PM

There is nothing to it. Those PowerBooks have a replacable cpu.
Posted by: StillbornChrist

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 06:27 PM

For real? Is it just a case of detatching the processor, or is it hard wired?

What sort of speeds can you send them up to?
Posted by: maestro

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 07:17 PM

Its removable. I think you can get a 550 G4 and there used to be a 1ghz G3
Posted by: StillbornChrist

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 07:27 PM

Hmmm.. that;s definate food for thought. Didn't realise it was even possible.

What about G4 Powerbooks (15" I'm thinking) - can the processors be upgraded on those too?
Posted by: maestro

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 07:32 PM

The only way to upgrade the Titaniums is to send it in. It is only on certain models and its not cheap. Better off with a G3 model. Really the best deal is a newer iBook, but not necessarilly for a modder looking for a project. Check out http://www.lowendmac.com.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:G3/Bronze Mods? - 09/26/05 07:37 PM

or http://www.everymac.com wink