Titanium Case Mods...

Posted by: njs177

Titanium Case Mods... - 06/02/04 03:08 AM

I would love to see if anyone has created any quick, easy modifications for the Titanium PowerBook G4. This is such a ubiquitous (though drool-worthy) machine. To me, mine is in definite need of some personalization. Post some if you've got 'em. wink
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/02/04 08:53 AM

Nick, did you take a look at the powerbook logo mod on the homepage, it is the featured mod of the week. This is one of the only mods that I have seen to the powerbook, as of yet. However, I have seen some sticker like covers put on the front of the powerbook, but that was not the most appealing thing I have ever seen. Remember our grand opening is coming soon and there should be alot more members reading the forums and adding mods to the library. Hopefully you will get what you are looking for in the near future.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/03/04 03:27 AM

Thanks...I do greatly look forward to hearing from others. I keep watching MacSkinz for the introduction of their Titanium skins, but nothing yet. As of now, all I have done is add "Glam" to the front in a fifties font, with a few starbursts. I got the letters from a decal set that Mini slipped in to a few magazines as an advert for its Cooper. They work pretty well and are not at all adhesive...just akin to window clings. I will post a photo in the coming days, as the forum gets busier.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/03/04 08:55 AM

Why wait, post a mod guide and tell us how you did it now, then be sure to reference the forum to the mod's url. This willl help more people come to the forum. If everyone waits, then nothing will happen.

Thanks a bunch,
Mod Squad
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/07/04 07:52 AM

Yes. Agreed. Post, especially when it comes to the titanium. I am just waiting for something perfect to get started on. I love the rainbow apple. That's in the lead right now.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/07/04 08:24 PM

My Ti's paint started bubbling up within 3 weeks of getting it new. It has been a couple of years now so it looks like it's lived in a war zone all that time. I just got my new Al and it makes the Ti is look even sicker. I am looking for a fun mod to spruce it up.

PB G4 Ti
PB G4 Al
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/07/04 08:33 PM

Jim, you might want to try the mod in the mod guides from the guy who replaced the logo. You could put anything you wanted there. As for other mods, there arn't many available at this time. We are keeping an eye out and would love to hear about anything that you find. If anyone finds anything interesting post a mod guide.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/09/04 03:10 PM

I've seen a Ti Mod where the owner modded it with one of those color shifting paint kits intended for cars. Turned out really nice.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/09/04 03:16 PM

Your friend must have had some serious cash. That color changing paint is not cheap. I've heard of a quart of that stuff costing upwards of $1500.00 each.

What I would like to know is if anyone has tried that new Krylon plastics spray paint and had success with it.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/09/04 03:24 PM

Just answered my own question. There's already a mod on this site on using Krylon paint. Does the phrase "If it were any closer..." come to mind?

Posted by: mark

Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/09/04 03:25 PM

magnus wrote:
Your friend must have had some serious cash. That color changing paint is not cheap. I've heard of a quart of that stuff costing upwards of $1500.00 each.

I've seen it at wally world for something like $20 per kit (3 decent sized cans of spray paint)

What I would like to know is if anyone has tried that new Krylon plastics spray paint and had success with it.

I haven't messed with it but its desgned for plastics, not metal. On top of that I've heard that it can chip pretty easy
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 06/09/04 03:29 PM

Is the color-changing paint mod on the internet anywhere? I'd like to see it. Its a shame how many get lost over time. I think thata light coat of spray paint (non-krylon) would look very natural on a G4 titanium.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/20/04 12:25 PM

(been awile since this post, but i rember when it was simi new!!! lol)
I have been thinking lately about modding my Powerbook Ti, (after apple care... wish i could mod it w/ apple care) and ive been thinking a lot about useing a fine sandpaper, and making a brushed metal effect... but i have a few probs... one is id think that all of the case is fully metal, ex: the keybord is deffently plastic (discovered this from capslock mod) and i am not intirly sure that the little hinge thing at the back of the computer is plastic (the part that connects the computer and screen)... in other words I would love to do brushed metal, but without wraping the keys in foil (thinks...) I dont think it would fill out quite right... another thought I have had for Ti. mod, was possably useing a "rino truck lineing" on the outside of the case... First I think this would look neat, having a ruff and strong look, but i dont know if "Rino-Lineing" will spray things other than trucks...

just work in progress, so thats why its all very vague...

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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/20/04 12:44 PM

Ok, I was looking over the older forums (again) and came across one of the ideas for increaseing the battery, it was one of the more joked about ideas than serious, but it was useing solar cells to charge the battery... what if you were to put solar cells on the top of the case, connect them to the battery, and put some kind of hard drying clear coat to protect the cells... that way your comp would look cool, be an offical mod, and charge your battery all in one... (current thought for taking power, is routing it through the screen power relay... i have no idea if this would work... and i am unable to try because of my applecare warenty is still on... and i dont really want to lose a year of it...)

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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/20/04 12:45 PM

(forgot the link for the post of solar cells lol) http://www.macmod.com/component/option,c.../limitstart,10/
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/20/04 09:28 PM

The color changing paint can be really expensive or really cheap depending on how you go about it. If you buy the 3 part kit from Krylon or Plasti-kote you'll do pretty well for the 20-30 bucks you spend. the trick is just to take your time, and realize it'll look a little flat till you clearcoat it. Similarly, you need to spray on several coats of the shimmery stuff. I went with two light coats and then a heavier wet coat. my iBook came out amazing.

Of course, if you've stepped up from aerosols and are looking at playing with air sprayed mediums, it gets a little more complex. If you're working with enamels, then House of Kolor will have the Shimirin paints you want. but expect to need a base, a reducer, a hardener and a top coat. and then clearcoat. Its a lot of stuff to work with and it can be a pain, expecially in the cleanup department.

If you want the easy solution with options, the the Auto Air color from Createx (http://www.autoaircolors.com) are the way to go. They offer 8 different colors that shift, some with a heavy flake, and some with minimal flake. All of them are gorgeous. In order to work with these paints, you need a black or metallic base coat, the actual shimmer coat, and then any decent aerosol or non-aerosol clear coat.

The base will run you about $6, the actual color between $10-$20, and the clearcoat is probably about $5 a can. For about $30-$40, you can do an amazingly professional job. Now, the colors and the bases are usually sold in 4oz bottles, which is way more than enough to paint a computer of iBook/powerbook size. If you wanna do your G5, your display, and a small toaster, you may need more.

Also figure that you WILL need a compressor and a sprayer/airbrush in order to get down with these paints. But, they're water based and ready to spray so mixing and cleanup is easy They also have a minimal VOC content (Volatile Organic Compound) so they arent as hazardous as spraypaint or enamels.

So, there's my two cents. More like a Buck-Fifty actually, but, information IS power.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/20/04 10:57 PM

modyourmac, great info as always!
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/21/04 12:52 AM

Word. jus' tryin to be a benefit, yo.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/22/04 03:11 AM

that sounds great! but i think i have made myself attached to the whole solar pannels... so i think I am gona start reaserching it....

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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 09/22/04 03:23 AM

sounds interesting, good luck, and make sure to keep us posted.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 12/11/04 03:55 AM

I've had my TIbook for about 2 years now, and the paint around the trim just bubbled up ridiculous amounts, so...

I took a peice of steel wool and a razorblade, and stripped all the lighter-grey paint off. So now it's silver and black rather than two-tone silver.. It's waaaaaayyy better than the bubbling up paint job that was there before.

The mod I REALLY want to try (I"m researching it now) is to try to make the keyboard detacheable and wireless. Blue tooth most likely, but I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to acocmplish this yet, so if anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along...
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 12/11/04 04:05 AM

I hate that bubbling prob. Its crazy a $3000 computer can have that problem and Apple ignore it. On the topic of your mod.....have you verified that there is enough room in there? BTW, thats a pretty neat concept and one that I think I have seen on a prototype pc before (maybe it shipped....i just know it sounds very familiar).
Posted by: sinquanon

Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 12/11/04 04:16 AM

For as good as Apple does on everything else the put their name on, the crappy powder coat job (or whatever it is) really surprised me. Of course, shortly after, they upgrade to colored aluminum, and no more problem...

I'm pretty sure there is room in the case to add the neccessities, but I"m not sure. The hard part would be mapping the keyboard output to some sort of blue tooth transmitter, and the getting the receiver mounted to the connector in the case. If I could get that part accomplished, figuring out where to attach the battery for the keyboard, and everything else would be a peice of cake =)

I've got a couple ideas I'm kicking around... If I ever start work on it, I'll update this post.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 12/11/04 04:24 AM

I can visualize how it would look and work in practice, and that would be awesome. Though, like you point out, the actual creation of the bluetooth device and the issue of powering the board comes into play and makes it extremely difficult.

You may be able to take the bluetooth device from one of the wireless Pro keyboards and work from that.
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Re:Titanium Case Mods... - 12/11/04 05:53 PM

Greetings all. I am new to macmod but not new to moding computers. However, I admit that I always hesitate when it comes to modding macs; they are already so good looking. Heh. If the image file attach works (haven't posted yet) you will see the mod that I will be doing to my PB G4 very soon. I have already done simple mods out of necessity (homemade feet, sanding off bubbled paint, etc) but nothing this big yet. I plan on using a high heat resistant spray paint that is specifically for metals (from krylon) as well as a clear finish coat. After I finish this mod, I will post the final results and move on to a back like keyboard possibly. Hmmmm...

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