MacGraPhoto - 7 Mac graphics apps for $39.99

Posted by: Apparent Softwar

MacGraPhoto - 7 Mac graphics apps for $39.99 - 11/16/09 05:54 PM

Apparent Software is introducing a bundle of graphic applications for Mac MacGraPhoto (

The bundle was launched on 16th Nov and will be running for 2 weeks.
Most of selected application are Apple Staff Pick or Apple Design Award winners.

All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations:
* Picturesque - Make images gorgeous (Original price $30)
* GraphicConverter - Universal genius for photo editing (Original price $35)
* ImageFramer - The Mac way to add frames to your pictures (Original price $39)
* Funtastic Photos - Makes photos amazing (Original price $35)
* DrawIt - Simply draw it! (Original price $39)
* HoudahGeo - Know where you took that photo! (Original price $30)
* Graphic Designer Toolbox - Computer generated graphics for designers (Original price $43)

MacGraPhoto costs $39.99 (USD), while the total retail cost of the included applications is $251.
MacGraPhoto also introduces a rewarding friend-referral program that allows users to get the bundle for free.
MacGraPhoto has an affiliate program that allows websites or users to earn money for referring people to MacGraPhoto.
Posted by: Apparent Softwar

Re: MacGraPhoto - 7 Mac graphics apps for $39.99 - 11/28/09 10:34 AM

In addition, we now offer MacGraPhoto buyers an additional 50% discount on leading Mac applications, including Pixelmator image editor, award winning web site builder Sandvox from Karelia, award winning Fontcase font manager from Bohemian Coding, iCollage from Wondershare, and Apparent Software's Cashculator - unique personal finance application. An additional application - ButtonDesign from Rage Software is a free bonus. These add up to $145 in additional savings over the regular MacGraPhoto promotion.