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Posted by: Global Delight

Wisen Up - FREE for 3 days - Entertainment app - 08/28/09 02:42 PM

FREE till August 30 (actual $1.99)

The mother of all 'Facts App' landed on the App Store!!

Wisen Up, released by Global Delight, is loaded with tons of personality quizzes and amazing/funny facts spread across 10 categories peppered with comic illustrations. With a unique 'Be a Doctor' game, it just takes the fun a notch higher!

Do you think the Devil can buy your soul? Are you a pain in the ass? Or what fart are you (with sound effects)? Roll over to Personality quizzes. Try the unique and creative, never published before Facebook-like quizzes, which are sure going to make you wonder and smile.

Psych your friends by revealing their real intentions! Rightly interpret everything from a handshake to a foot lock. Have a head start in knowing a stranger. The Body Language section with its numerous illustrations will make you a pro in minutes.

Love life on the rocks? Dry, grind and blend Black ants with white wine. A supposedly love potion from medieval Europe. Or learn how boots can grow beards and diapers can cure acne from Ancient cures (Thank God, they are ancient).

Ever played doctor-doctor when you were a kid? Wisen Up gives you a chance to be that doctor again. Don the coat, sling the stethoscope and kill the disease with ‘Be a doctor’.

In-case you are still reading this, here are the rest of our categories:
• Hilarious Medical quotes
• The Why’s and How’s of things
• Myth or Fact- Wisen Up tells you
• Weird and incurable diseases
• Amazing body facts
• Types of doctors
• Phobias
• First aid mistakes

Peppered with cute and hilarious cartoons (over 150 of them) and sound effects, Wisen Up makes your fact-finding and soul-searching experience more fun and interesting. The attractive UI makes it the perfect eye candy. Share your quiz interpretations, facts with friends via Facebook or mail.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your iPhone/iPod touch and get ready to be blown off!

Get smart! May thine Bulb shineth always!

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