WebReady Discount Offer

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WebReady Discount Offer - 12/07/08 02:12 AM

Wouldn't you rather have web headlines that looked like this:

or this:

rather than boring old Times Roman or Arial?

Sure, you could do it with bitmaps - and make the most important text on your web page invisible to the search engines. But now you don't have to.
Photofont WebReady, a new tool from Fontlab, lets you place your web text in whatever font you want and assures that your visitors will see it exactly the way you intended.
Important websites like the New York Times, ABC and ESPN have been using this little-known technique for years - with big in-house programming staffs to support it. But now WebReady does all the heavy lifting for you. In four easy steps it transforms your text into embedded Flash that looks great and remains searchable, copyable, and indexable just like any other hypertext.
And that's not all. WebReady not only creates the files but will actually PLACE THEM RIGHT INTO YOUR WEB PAGE FOR YOU. You don't even need to know a thing about HTML!

The secret is sIFR (scalable Inman Flash Replacement), a technique developed back in 2003 by Shaun Inman and then refined by Mike Davidson and Mark Wubben. Fontlab has further improved the sIFR technology and added in our own photofont technology to create an unbeatable combination. Now you can use any font you want on your web pages - and not just in black and white.
Normally OpenType, TrueType and Type 1 fonts are only monochrome. But Fontlab's photofont format allows you to add color. Not just one color, but as many colors as you want. And on top of that add transparency. Your multicolor font can overlay other graphics or text without obscuring them. What a combo!

Fontlab has just released Photofont WebReady with a suggested retail price of US$79.95. But for the holiday/year-end season we're dropping the price a whopping 25% to US$59.96. Get it now and you could decorate your website in time for the holidays!

Just browse to www.fontlab.com/photofont/webready/ now to see more about WebReady and Photofont - and to place your order. Remember this offer is only good until midnight on New Year's Eve!

Ted Harrison
Fontlab Ltd.

P.S. And don't forget to enter your discount coupon code - A46-D7K-5MF - to claim your 25% off the retail price.