70% OFF Panorama (RAM Based Database)

Posted by: provue

70% OFF Panorama (RAM Based Database) - 11/25/08 04:28 AM

Save over 70% during Panorama 20th Anniversary Sale!

November 28, 2008 marks the twentieth anniversary of the first release of Panorama 1.0 (we're now up to version 5.5). Over the succeeding twenty years, tens of thousands of Macintosh users have discovered the power and flexibility of Panorama's unique ultra-fast RAM based database technology. Key features of Panorama include:
  • Lightning Fast Speed (RAM based database technology)
  • Super Efficient (Store over 10,000 records per megabyte of RAM)
  • Live Search (Instant results as each key is pressed, for a word, a phrase or for any boolean formula!)
  • Flexible Database Structure (Quickly add, remove, combine, split or refactor fields at any time, even for databases that are filled with millions of records.)
  • Powerful Data Analysis (Don't just store data, understand it with Panorama's powerful data summarization, crosstab and chart tools.)
  • Fully Relational (Supports one record-to-one record links, range-to-one (for shipping and tax tables), and one record-to-many records)
  • Complete Graphic Tools (Rapidly design and create windows, reports, and web forms.)
  • Flexible Import & Export (Supported formats include ASCII text (CSV or tab separated), HTML, Quicken (QIF, QFX, OFX) and Excel. Easily restructure and repair imported data after it is imported.)
  • Fully Programmable and Extensible (Extensible Panorama programming language with rapid development and debugging tools plus AppleScript, UNIX shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python, and PHP)

To celebrate this milestone, ProVUE is conducting a very special 20th anniversary sales event -- new customers can purchase Panorama for only $99.95 instead of the regular price of $299. As a bonus, the optional enhanced image and spell/zip packs will also be included, an additional $35 value. Click the link below to download a free, no risk Panorama trial and to learn more about Panorama and this special anniversary offer.


(This offer expires December 20th, 2008. Limit one per customer, new customers only, please.)

Posted by: Eddie

Re: 70% OFF Panorama (RAM Based Database) - 12/06/08 10:35 PM

I hope this is appropriate forum ettiquette. I just wanted to thank you for the offer. I was not familiar with Panorama, and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying using it.
I'm still going through the manuals and tutorials, but I'm glad I made my purchase.
Thank you very much.