FirstClass ISTE Discount 60%

Posted by: KannonCom

FirstClass ISTE Discount 60% - 11/20/08 02:04 PM

From now through June FirstClass is offering FirstClass products at up to 60% discount for ISTE members (schools). FirstClass is the only true groupware that runs on Mac hardware. Find out more at

Gregg Kaloust
Kannon Communications
Posted by: esam

Re: FirstClass ISTE Discount 60% - 04/22/09 07:27 AM

what are the first class products
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: FirstClass ISTE Discount 60% - 05/20/09 01:35 PM

Good question. I clicked on that link and this is what it says:


FirstClass is a feature-rich, platform-independent, and cost-effective communications and collaboration software solution that enables learning organizations, including schools, school districts, businesses, and non-profits, to create collaborative online communities that securely connect people and resources via any Internet-accessible device.

FirstClass delivers a broad range of capabilities including e-mail, instant messaging, calendars, contact management, collaboration, document sharing, file storage, web publishing, blogging, podcasting, and voice and fax messaging. Thousands of organizations and millions of users around the world are currently connecting via online communities powered by FirstClass

Posted by: Creag Banta

Re: FirstClass ISTE Discount 60% - 06/16/09 04:12 PM

FirstClass is now and has been for quite a while what Google Wave hopes to be. It is a server centric e-mail service where all mails and attachments remain on the server and are accessed from the server by each user. This preserves a complete history of all transactions for each e-mail and thus prevents e-mail storms and e-mail mysteries.

If you think you'll like Google Wave someday, you will love FirstClass right now.
Posted by: Martin-Julie

Re: FirstClass ISTE Discount 60% - 07/29/09 08:39 AM

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