Get Elastic Window for 70% off

Posted by: Christian

Get Elastic Window for 70% off - 11/19/08 02:32 AM

Using Elastic Window, REALbasic developers can have all controls resize
proportionally without writing a single line of code.

Use Elastic Window when your application:
- is used by the visually impaired.
- is for those whose eyesight is weakening with age.
- is a Full-screen kiosk application.
- must maintain the same aspect ratio no matter the screen size.

Pricing and Availability

For a limited time, in celebration of Black Friday,
enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to receive 70% off your
order of Elastic Window.

Instead of $700 pay only $210 with the coupon, or
pay only $58.50 instead of $195!

Pariahware’s Elastic Window uses a royalty-free, per-seat, licensing
mechanism for the base product. This means that each developer using
the Elastic Window in the REALbasic IDE needs to have a license. There
is no fee for applications developed with Elastic Window. The list
price for Elastic Window is $195.00. A source code and site license
option is also available for $700.00.

A free demo version of Elastic Window v1.4 is available at