what do you normally do on the weekend?

Posted by: johnengler

what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 01:26 AM

I'm just curious what most of us do on the weekend. I've posted two quick stories on my own website about what I did this weekend (yard work, planting a tree or two) and am curious about what everyone else did.... If it's not a testament to what marriage is (it's 8:30 pm on Saturday and I'm ready to go to bed) but then... I don't have a nice toy like Mike_b...<br><br>So what do you do on the weekend normally?<br><br><br><br>Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.<br>-- Aaron Levenstein
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 02:11 AM

Usually sleep later than normal. Ease into the day, get some housework/laundry done, about an hour mid-afternoon nap, begin thinking about dinner and what I might cook, lawn work after dinner when needed (cooler then). All mixed in with some web surfing time. That takes care of Saturday. Sundays it's church (sing in the choir), home for lunch, afternoon nap (I like my nap time), Church youth group early evening. Sundays are not real busy.<br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 08:47 AM

Sleep late. <br><br>Surf the internet. <br><br>Go shopping. <br><br>Eat. <br><br>Go driving. <br><br>Other than that, nothing. <br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 01:14 PM

Yesterday some friends of us wanted to taste the spanish "paella" and I went out, buy the ingredients and cooked it for them. Today we waked up late. In the afternoon I'll meet my new friend Barbarella (one of the persons I see on my Chooser) http://homepage.mac.com/Krasni/.Pictures/sceltarisorse.jpg<br>Later we'll go to have dinner with another friends. And that's what we usually do, if we stay here in Milan.<br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 02:49 PM

Saturday;<br>Up at 5:30, went to get fuel for my tractor and borrow a tow strap from a neighbor.<br>Using the tractor and tow strap, my oldest son, (17), and I proceeded to pull out of the ground 10 mature juniper shrubs. The junipers were planted in 1989 with the intent of providing screening around the bottom of our porch. They were too overgrown and we wanted to plant something different in that area. We were done with this job by noon. <br>I then cut my grass around my house and at a river lot I own across the street from my house. This took the rest of the afternoon, as the area to cut is approximately 5 acres.<br>At 5 p.m. I took our two youngest kids to a local wholesale club to "stock up" on goodies. Much like you John by 8:30 I was ready for bed. <br>Today is Mother's Day so we will visit my Mom and later my Mom-in-law, otherwise Sunday's are pretty much like Saturday's here.<br>My mac is always on, so when I take a break , I'll check what's going on here and at MC.<br>That's pretty typical of weekends for me.<br><br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 03:12 PM

Both Saturday & Sunday are much the same;<br><br>Sleep in a little - check 4 forum sites while putzing with some of my graphic apps - at my shop by 1:00 PM - "work" 'til 7:00 PM - back on the net after dinner.<br><br>[color:red]Alec</font color=red>
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What's With Us Self-Employed Boobs? - 05/12/02 03:20 PM

Same here, basically more of the same with the Saturday papers thrown in. One day melts into the next, especially when there's a lot of work. The only break is the occasional movie (matinees midweek; a benefit of being self-employed.) I've gotta stop this...<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't...</font color=red>
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Re: What's With Us Self-Employed Boobs? - 05/12/02 03:59 PM

John,<br><br>Let's not forget the perceived notions that we, the self-employed, have the benefits of immense tax write-offs, flexible time management and absolute freedom of lifestyle! <br><br>Care to join me in a little psycho-therapy? <br><br>[color:red]Alec</font color=red>
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Re: What's With Us Self-Employed Boobs? - 05/12/02 04:16 PM

Sounds like every day is a weekend for you and Lasruk. You guys have too much fun.<br><br>"From the once self-employed"<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mojo_jojo on 05/12/02 12:16 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 04:46 PM

Weekends are like weekdays to me, except that my kids are home, and my wife works weekend nights (only). As a freelancer, my projects last anywhere from one to four days, unless I take on a long term project, which can last years. So, at the end of each project, I may take a day off. Sometimes there may be a lull in work. Then it's an "unscheduled vacation." You'll typically see more messages from me then. Unfortunately, unscheduled vacations usually mean it's time to be frugal, so I don't usually take long trips then, but stay around here doing housework, yard work, taking care of whatever business has stacked up. But... a typical day for me is like this:<br><br>get up and open my Powerbook while I am brushing my getting my hair brushed and put in a ponytail. Check email. Read comics. Possibly check forums. Go get something to eat and drink. (some days I go over to Starbucks for a morning cappuccino.) Wake kids up (if it's a school day), and make something for them to eat. Take daughter to school. Come home and see my son off (he drives himself to school). Get to work: projects, chores, whatever. At noon or 1:00, I eat something, possibly going out for lunch. Afternoon, I play the piano for one to two hours. Pick up daughter from school. Spend time with her, and with my son when he comes home. Get back to work for a while. Play the piano some more (breaks, about 15 minutes worth, each), read stuff (poetry, books), family time (we all may spend our time at our computers, though, just talking periodically), near sunset, I take the dogs for a walk, then eat dinner, watch Leno or Letterman, sometimes Politically Incorrect. Do a little more work or reading or something. Go to bed.<br><br>I'll check the forum periodically through the day, usually on the way to or from the piano, or anywhere else. It's usually an in-between kind of thing.<br><br>That schedule varies widely. If a project is intense, I may work at it day and night. Sometimes my projects happen to be for me, and it may mean drawing or writing. Then I don't do much else. Some days are more business, some are more fun. Very little tv, really. <br><br>Shooshie<br><br>Shooshie's Stuff
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 04:51 PM

In no particular order here are the things I do on the weekend at varying times. I get up very early regardless of whether or not it is the weekend. Up most days by 4 AM.<br><br>Go sailing, go skiing, surf the internet, work in the garden, play around with the Boxster, read, see a movie, go out for dinner and drinks and live music, go for a drive in the countryside, visit with friends, shoot some photographs, do things that need to be done around the house like laundry, vacuumning, watch TV (very little though), spend time with my wife shopping or whatever, take the kayak out and get a little excercise with it in the harbor. Gee, I imagine there are a few more things I do, can't think of them right now though. <br><br>P.S. Might smoke an occasional bit of ganja and listen to reggae music, then trip out a little with iTunes visuals.<br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 07:09 PM

Most weekends during the school year, I grade essays. Our semester just ended on Friday, so I'm looking forward to reading about 1,000 pages worth of undergraduate prose between now and the 24th of this month. With that prospect in mind, I took this weekend off. That means that I did five loads of laundry yesterday, mowed the lawn (actually "cut" is more appropriate because I actually cut it with lawn shears--it's a very small space), and in the evening went to see the last production of my school's thater group (a really excellent performance of four one- and two-person plays). Today I've been doing Mother's Day stuff, with my mother at the nursing home and with my wife. Tomorrow starts the reading.<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 08:10 PM

I try to do as little as possible. Usually a freelance client completely blows any chance of doing absolutely nothing, but once in a while... I can actually get away with doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT EATING AND SLEEPING!!! <br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: What's With Us Self-Employed Boobs? - 05/12/02 08:20 PM

Yep self employed.<br><br>Over the weekend I meet new clients, do the things around the house.<br>When no clients to meet I could go flying, surfing, sailing, fishing or just hang out on the beach.<br><br>Yesterday met with 2 clients then mowed the lawn, today meet with one more and then day would be shot so I will just relax at home.<br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 09:55 PM

Now that our boat is launched, my weekends from Friday to Sunday night will be spent on board Adagio. We cruise the 30,000 islands of Georgian Bay. I won't be near any computer or TV. Just nature and me.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 09:56 PM

now that (boating) sounds like fun.<br><br><br><br>Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.<br>-- Aaron Levenstein
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 10:30 PM

Most of the time boating IS a lot of fun. Sometimes though it can be terrifying. Many times we have been far from our dock and had to return in very scary storms or dense fog. Times like these you must use all your skills and knowledge to return home safely.<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: MachOne

Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 11:14 PM

Saturday:<br>Got up at 8, soaked in the tub, reading, 'til 9.<br>Pruned a couple of trees that were making it tricky for Mrs MachOne to negotiate the driveway.<br>Took smallest rugrat to soccer and yelled loudly for 40 minutes. His team won, 1-nil.<br>Took smallest rugrat to watch middle-sized rugrat play rugby. Yelled loudly for an hour. His team won, 29points to 17. He scored a try and kicked 2 conversions.<br>Back home, tidied up all the lopped off branches, had a quick lunch and knocked off a couple of quick forum posts.<br>Went to the shops and grabbed some stuff for arty daughter.<br>Got home just before Large economy size rugrat arrived home from playing netball (Sorta like outdoor basketball, but played by girls only). Her team won.<br>Neighbors invited us over for impromptu dinner and music session, Paul on guitar, me on bass. Chug a couple of Heinekens as well.<br>Head back home and park in front of the box to watch the Crusaders flatten the Waratahs in Super 12 rugby. Yay!<br>Crash.<br><br>Sunday:<br>Up at 8 for a fast Four Esses, then off to a small cafe in the village for Mothers' Day brunch.<br>Travel cross town to big shopping mall for clothes shopping expedition; as it turns out, for everyone but me.<br>Back home for an hour in the garden, washed the car, and did some work on the Mac.<br>Knock up another couple of forum posts.<br>Pick up arty daughter from cross town and shop for art stuff before heading home for social chit-chat and Mothers' Day dinner.<br>Forced to sit through "Runaway Bride" for the umpty-eleventeenth time...*sigh*<br>Hit the hay for a few well-earned ZZZs.<br><br>Not much really. <br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/12/02 11:30 PM

true, but I live in Texas, and I'd only be "boating" on small lakes, so I don't think I'd worry all that much... nothing a 6 pack and a floatation device can't get you out of in Texas lakes <br><br>Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.<br>-- Aaron Levenstein
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/13/02 12:18 AM

weekends are family time for me...i can sometimes check the internet for about 5 minutes about 3 or so times a day or while the kids are napping (rare for them to do it at the same time) and after they go to bed (now). this weekend we drove to chicago to see my wife's parents for mother's day. next week we'll drive to kansas to see my parents and attend my graduation from the university of kansas. <br><br>we typically stay home on the weekends to do chores and play around the house and neighborhood. if we are going to go out with the kids, we'll do it on a tuesday or wednesday (weekday) when everything is much less crowded. my wife and i teach at the same university and our semester ended in april and we aren't doing anything until late june so every day is a weekend for us...for the time being. i can get used to this.<br><br>i bought a lawn tractor last year and actually enjoy mowing the lawn now...since it takes me 15 minutes when it used to take closer to an hour. we have a lot of landscaping to do in the next month and half. i'll post some before and after pictures when we're done.<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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The Weekend - 05/13/02 01:31 AM

Usually...Dinner and a movie on Friday...OR...Friends over (NBA playoff time right now)...Then, on Saturday I have a fun weekend job in Fort Wayne (about an hour or so north)...Saturday night I'll stop by and see the folks, or out to dinner with friends or family...Sunday I do the yard work, clean the garage, vacume the house...Or relax and surf online.<br><br>
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Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/13/02 10:59 AM

Sailing is fun, great way to relax and get away from the daily humdrum of existence. I started out with Hobie Cats, first a 14 footer, then a 16 footer. You don't need a lot of bucks to get into sailing, the used Hobie or other smaller daysailers are not that much money. Even my old 1978 Catalina 27 is not that much to buy these days. But, if you want to try something new, rent a few sailboats like Hobies and try them out. WARNING: You may get hooked. Like I said, not much money needed and sailing Hobies is a real thrill of speed, water and wind. You know you're alive when you bring the hull up on a catamaran.......it's a kick!<br><br>
Posted by: sean

Re: what do you normally do on the weekend? - 05/13/02 12:12 PM

about 7 years ago, i spent some time in the san juan island area...my wife and i returned about 5 years ago as one stop on our honeymoon. i loved it and decided during that trip that i'd like to get into sailing and i even bought a book on sailing...time passes...this summer, i have convinced my wife that we'll rent a sailboat and give it a go. what the heck? we live about 20 minutes from lake michigan so we might as well get into this sailing thing. i can't wait.<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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Sorta. - 05/13/02 03:24 PM

More like every weekend is just like another day. A few years ago, when I was particularly busy, I worked every single day, from the middle of October through the end of the following May (except for Christmas Day, on which I refuse to work.) I had a good year, but I'll never do that again! Of course I did that in remembrance of the year (1990) I had no work for the first nine months and came close to losing the house...<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't...</font color=red>