Those amazing MC folk!

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Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 06:14 AM

Man, it's just amazing the attitude at MacCentral. You just gotta check this out MM folk.<br><br>A while back, a nice poster suggested we do Mozaic, which you've heard a lot about here. We were asked to contribute a picture. That's it. Finito. I was one of the early contributors, and did so promptly (based on my limited PS abilities.)<br><br>Then, as the project progressed, it grew into a MUCH bigger project. Posters, CDs, signatures, auctions, charities, press releases. You think DaVinci and Dali were back and working on something of import.<br><br>During all this, the MC split occurred, and I (for one) didn't really appreciate it. I thought it was yet another case in my life where a few mouthy fools were pissing off a few uptight fools and I get caught in the middle, a member of neither party.<br><br>Anyhow, a surprise, unannounced requirement of participating in the Mozaic is to include your actual name surfaced, as well as a write a bio about yourself. I chose not to include my actual name and wrote a short bio. That bio was refused, and a 'replacement' was sent back to me, featuring a paragraph about my active participation at MC. To this, I sent a snotty replacement bio suggesting I am no longer an 'active' MC participant.<br><br>To THIS I'm notified that-- fine then-- your tile is being removed from the Mozaic.<br><br>Perhaps you can help me: did I miss something?<br><br>A mozaic was suggested. The only requirement to participate was a contributed piece of art. Once I met the requirement, it changed. Now I have to write a bio, one that's pro MC. I have to consider signing the thing at a date which isn't convenient to me. I have to use my real name.<br><br>Am I missing something?<br><br>I try not to think there's a kindergarden at MC. I really have to try..<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 07:35 AM

Why not mention your name? I think it's childish to hide behind anonymity. Yes, everyone has a right to their privacy. But I don't think anyone would care much for "anonymous cowards."<br><br>Ofcourse, I agree with you on the being thrown out for expressing your opinion and not kissing MacCentral's ass. That's childish and lame.<br><br>Who threw you out?<br><br>--<br>I am dangerous. I am Dyslexic of Borg. Fusistance is retile. Your a$$ will be laminated.
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 09:29 AM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Am I missing something?<p><hr></blockquote><p>You bet!!!<br><br>All the proceeds from the sale of CD's and posters as well as the auction itself are going to a very worthy cause, Cerebral Palsy.<br><br>You were well aware of this well before the MC meltdown yet you voiced no objection. The only thing new was the bio. <br><br>As far as I can see the only loser in this whole scenario is you my friend. I'm sorry you couldn't have put your bitterness aside but the project will go on with out you. Your loss. <br><br><br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 10:13 AM

NTO1, I understand you, but you could think the benefits of the mosaic will go to a worthy cause. Can't you stand it? It will take a short time, and when the project will be finished we'll be "free".<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 10:19 AM

Does John Walsh know you? Were you featured on America's Most Wanted?<br><br>Personally..what's the big deal. You could say you were formerlly active at MC.<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 11:04 AM

Unless you are a fugitive on the run from the law, I don't see why this would be a problem. But, perhaps you are a serial killer and wish to remain anonymous. But then again if you were someone like that I would guess you had to smarts to register with MC using an alias anyway in the first place.<br><br>Seriously though, give them your name and bio info. I mean whatever your real name is, having it out there and public is no big deal. I doubt anyone is coming to hunt you down because of it. Well, unless your tile really sucked big time......then I might come and get you! Hey, it is for a good cause. Groucho Marx would not have the attitude that you have and I have to tell you Groucho is one of my idols. Probably my all time favorite quote and the one I live by is attributed to Groucho. <br><br>"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...... well, I have others" -- Groucho Marx<br><br>I have that at the bottom of my geocities page. Words to live by!<br><br><br><br>The site is a few years old and I haven't updated in a long time, but you are invited to take a look anyway. This was my first attempt at building a site, all hand coded.<br><br><br><br><br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mikeb_X on 05/10/02 07:05 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 01:04 PM

while I still think the guys at PRESSRELEASEcentral aren't running a great website for me, I do think they're all classy folks (not speaking about the forums members).<br><br>The option to not include your name is your decison. The decision to not include your mosaic is theirs. They want to make sure that they can back up the charity part of the mosaic, and I can understand that... that's what happens when things get bigger than they are meant to by the small minds that start them...<br><br>send them your name, or quit bitchin' and let them get a replacement.<br><br><br><br>simplex veri sigillum<br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 02:05 PM

Um...are you saying that a MacCentral forum member is responsible for the project? Like he's the team leader?<br><br>I got the impression that NTO1 was thrown out by MacCentral Staff.<br><br>--<br>I am dangerous. I am Dyslexic of Borg. Fusistance is retile. Your a$$ will be laminated.
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 02:34 PM

well, the project has grown...yes, it started as a fun little project...there was no mention of a charity or anything of the sort when we started. it is quite large now. i do not think any tile should be removed...then again. you have a copy of the original mosaic (if not, i can provide you with it). what did you think would happen with the project when you originally signed on? i thought we'd make a mosaic and that would be that and we'd look at it and say, "wow" or we'd laugh and plan on a doing a better job next time. well, we achieved the "wow" and patted each other on the back...if someone wants to take this project a step beyond what we did (or 2 or 3 or 4 steps), then fine, but it has fulfilled your original intentions so you are free to remove yourself from the process. so what if they drop you for not wanting to participate any farther? you've already met your expectations, right? <br><br>i have no qualms with having my name appear, but i understand that you feel uncomfortable. i liked your tile and think it is a good addition to the mosaic that will benefit the UCP. think about remaining as a part of the project and submitting the necessary information. it won't kill ya! if not...hey, at least it lived up to your original expectations. savor that and step aside. <br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 03:49 PM

Well i happen to agree that you shouldn't have to use your real name if you don't want to, and i don't see why that should be a big deal at all. As for throwing you out this is the first i have heard of it and it's pretty rediculous. <br>In spite of all the silliness though i think you should just bite the bullit and go with it anyway. Just get it over with and send me a date for when we should get together and sign the damn thing since we live in the same area.<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 04:39 PM

When you're ready to expose the truth and ALL the details of your involvement, let the folks here know. Until then, try not to poison the efforts of a good bunch of people doing a very good thing.<br><br>You are definitely a master of self-righteousness. But you haven't fooled those in the know.<br><br>In the end, it's your loss.<br><br>[color:red]Alec</font color=red>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 04:52 PM

First of all, there is NO RULE that says you have to say ANYTHING at all about MacCentral. The bio is for publicity purposes only. The signature on the actual prints is to add value for the auction. It is all going to a very good cause, and there were plenty of posts telling everyone about what was going on and all the new additions to the project. YOU chose not to keep up with it, nobody HID this information from you.<br><br>Just because you are too childish and immature to handle the forum split, doesn't mean that you have to bad-mouth the dozens of people who have put in hours and hours of work, and all the printing, shipping and publicity donations that several companies have contributed.<br><br>While I didn't agree with the forum split either, it's just a damn chat forum, it isn't that big of a deal, I don't know why you took it so personally. You spouted off to everyone but Santa Claus about the split and managed to tick off a lot of people - so if you feel slighted in some way - well, honestly we don't give a damn! <br><br>We worked very hard on this Mosaic Project and I for one am damn proud to put my name on it. I don't know when your tile was booted out, or who made the decision, but you obviously have no interest in helping the charity (which all artists were welcome to vote on, by the way) then you lose your right to complain about the way the project was managed. Nobody got PAYED to do this, it was the goodness of the heart from people like Nebo, SteveG, Alec, Shooshie, JohnnyCat, JimD, and others who made it happen.<br><br>In closing, you asked "Did I miss something?", well the answer is yes. You missed the day God handed out maturity, compassion, common sense, tact, and now you will more than likely miss the 35 friends you HAD that worked on the project.<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 05:18 PM

NTO1, you disappoint all of us. Big time. You have chosen to play your side of the record only and in abridged, self-serving fashion at that. The bottom line is that your grudge against MC is so deep and bitter, that you were unwilling to separate it from the context of the Mosaic project. You were, in effect, attempting to hold the project hostage to satisfy your ego. Not wanting to use your name was NOT the issue. Refusing to set aside your vendetta for the greater good IS the issue. <br><br>So now you come in hear and begin yet another, broader "Oh poor me" slander campaign. NTO1, learn to pick your battles, or expect to collect more scars.<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 06:36 PM

A simpler look.<br><br>Names of the artist are important to the Buyer. If I purchased this Mosaic I certainly would not want an Anonymous person claiming rights or royalties from me.<br><br>Bio ads personality to the whole project itself. "Look at all the artist from all over the world with their vastly different personalities" The Bio will present that knowlage to the owners who will purchase this work of art.<br><br>As for the heavy hand I am sadden that it even went this far with you. Maybe you both can still talk about it and make a compromise.<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 06:58 PM

Well, I will agree with you on one point - the project certainly has grown far larger than it's original vision - that growth sucked some of the fun and spontaneousness out of the effort ...<br><br>However, rather that throw a hissy-fit over the growing requests for bios, pics, etc, for the various marketing efforts, you could have just given them your name, what city you live in, politely declined to offer a bio, and left it at that ... It worked for me ...<br><br>I agree though, that the growing expectations of the individual artists to contribute more than just their artwork - especially when that artwork had already been completed - got to be very angering at one point ...<br><br>Sorry to see your contribution go, if that is what in fact has happened ... after all, it *is* a good cause =)<br><br>FWIW,<br><br>***matt<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 07:09 PM

Regarding the bio: It didn't have to be a FULL bio. I sent in about 10 lines of text stating my name, how I met my wife, a few hobies, and a VERY brief description of my tile. It took all of 10 minutes. Is your day so busy that you couldn't spare 10 minutes.<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 07:33 PM

The Mosaic was was started by a Forum member. That member and the subsequent members who put their time into the project have every right to decide what's in or out. NTO1 is being very childish, as he has been in the past... (and, by all means NTO1, flame me as much as you want...) The staff did not throw him out, no one threw him out. His choice to not fulfill the requirements for the project was also a choice to not participate. We have replaced the space with a tile made by someone who is mature enough to follow the rules.<br><br><br>[i]the quest continues...
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 07:53 PM

Well, since it is all you guys who started the project, guess everyone has to play by your requirements. Sounds fair.<br><br>What I was pissed off to read was being thrown out for not being Pro MacCentral. That certainly doesn't seem to be the case here. I too don't like the MacCentral website anymore, but would love to participate in the next round of this project.<br><br>Like everyone has mentioned, just mentioning one's name and writing a few lines about oneself, is what was required. Quite a simple task.<br><br>--<br>I am dangerous. I am Dyslexic of Borg. Fusistance is retile. Your a$$ will be laminated.
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 07:58 PM

To be fair, the only *requirement* of the project was that one complete a tile within given time constraints ... which NOT1 satisfied ...<br><br>All the other stuff came into being after the project was under way and some tiles had been completed ... the whole bio/photo for marketing purposes was thought-up after I finished my tile, for instance - and I was third from the last to finish ...<br><br>So it's extremely likely that he satisifed his end of the deal before additional "requirements" were laid-on ...<br><br>Not to defend the way he handled the matter ... just that he had a very good point to begin with ... and that the situation is probably not as black-and-white as you paint it ...<br><br>=)<br><br>***matt<br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 08:02 PM

Well then I must be missing something too, NTO1. I never gave my real name either, and don't intend to. I'm known as SgtBaxter on the forum, that's how I'll be known as the tile creator. Well that's how I'll be signing the thing anyway, I guess they'll need my name to deliver the thing. <br><br>Oh yeah, if they want a photo of me<br><<<---- there it is.<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by SgtBaxter on 05/10/02 04:06 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 08:24 PM

It's not that he wasn't Pro-Maccentral that got him into trouble, it's that he had a generally bad attitude. The project may not have started out as what it is now, but it has become a charity project. It does not need negativity. How would it look if we made a press release with everyone's stuff, and one person out of the entire group wrote about how much he hated MacCentral... that wouldn't look to good, IMHO..<br><br>Also, it comes down to what you said, we started the project, we made the rules, and we have the right to change them. The changes were made based on group decisions. If NTO1 does not agree, so be it, see ya. No one else had a problem with the project.<br><br>Funny, in this case, he [color:red]is</font color=red> the only one. <br><br><br>[i]the quest continues...
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 08:54 PM

The changes were made based on group decisions.<br><br>Not true in all cases.<br><br>No one else had a problem with the project.<br><br>That you know of ...<br><br>***matt<br><br>
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 09:20 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>No one else had a problem with the project.<br><p><hr></blockquote><p><br>Well to be honest the whole bio/photo thing to me is kind of dumb. I signed up for a fun little thing that blew up into this huge deal. Yeah it's great that it's turned into a big charity event and such but in my mind it doesn't really need to be taken to the level that it is. Send the posters around, have us sign them and be done with it. I am who I am on the forum, people don't know me by my personal name, nor do I really want them too, though some have become real friends it's not why I'm on the forum. So the idea of having postcards with my name and info on them ciruculated out really isn't appealing to me, after all I did this just as a fun little thing that was originally just going to be posted to the web site.<br><br>Remember this is a message board and we're all spread out over the country. I've personally been in New York City area for two days on business, so any decisions that took place I wouldn't have had opportunity to take part in. I think that's what happened with the whole bio thing, I dont remember ever seeing that discussion (might have though, don't remember) or I'd have voiced my oppostion to it, and yes possibly backed out. Shooshie did a wonderful job though with the limited info I gave him, I'm delighted with how it turned out.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 09:45 PM

Everything including the bios, photos, signatures, charity, the CD's, postcards, website, stock the poster would be printed on and more were offered up for voting and discussion every step of the way (although I will grant you, some of threads were difficult to find if you didn't see it the same day - I completely missed the one about the CD's, and didn't notice the one about the bios until the next morning, but they were there.<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/10/02 10:01 PM

Actually, the names and bios for the brochures, and similar material + photos and consent to be interviewed were presented in a manner thus:<br><br>"I have decided I would like to do (insert activity here) ... what I need from all of you is (insert requirement here) ... and I would like it done by (insert time constraint here) ... "<br><br>No mention of voting or consent ...<br><br>I'm not saying that overall the project wasn't a fairly democratic exercise, just that not *everything* was put to a group decision or vote, as implied in M3's post ...<br><br>=)<br><br>***matt<br><br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/10/02 10:02 PM

I didn't participate in the project because I didn't feel that I could have done a good enough job. I do know, however that the participants are a talented, caring and generous group. I am sorry I didn't and would have thought nothing of giving my name.<br>The "Big Split" was a nothing deal and most everyone has adjusted well.<br>Sure, the project has gotten quite complex and for a good reason. It is a charitable project made by good people who care about wanting to help others and care about each other. I think something like that is way beyond the immature rantings of someone who is desperatly attempting to make a lame point.<br>I have read some of your posts and, apparently, you want to entice readers with controversial lead-ins and titles.<br>This time the rant may have backfired. Maybe name thing has to do with parental consent?<br><br>
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 12:28 AM

Just to repeat 'Gizmo's remark, every idea, every development, and every issue along the way has ben dicussed openly in the forum at one time or another.<br><br>Things like the bios were ideas meant to increase the value of the 5 auction posters. Booklets "about the artist" are common at art auctions and similar venues. When no dissent is voiced, you can only assume that there is none. I agree that the scope has mushroomed, but in a good way. IDG is now putting their full media weight behind this thing, and it can be a little unnerving when the spotlight beam hits you. <br><br>In the end, though, it's still what it started out to be: a fun and interesting creative project. It just happens that it might make a bunch or $$ for a good cause, and give the Mac some very real and human-scale publicity. <br><br>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/11/02 12:32 AM

It sounds a lot like you just need a break from your computer. Get out and have some fun. It is ridiculous to throw a fit over such a little thing. The same goes for your problem with MacCentral forums in general. There are a hell of a lot of worse things going on in this world, and these two issues don't even deserve a second thought. You don't get to have everything in this world your way. Get over yourself.<br><br>Ryan<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by morserj on 05/10/02 08:33 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 12:48 AM

The kicker is, I have people at work that would LOVE the publicity and the opportunity to have a nationwide audience to view their work. It was just a hell of a good idea, and I for one can't wait for the next one.<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/11/02 01:19 AM

No one "threw" NTO1 out of MC. He spearheaded a movement to abandon MC and then left and never looked back(well, not actually, he has been spotted in the "Who's online" section lurking about)<br>This is a classic example of sour-grapes. <br>Sorry you feel that way NTO1.<br>I was hoping you would ease back into posting at MC, but it seems you have picked your battle and drawn your line in the sand.<br>No hard feelings on my part. I thought you made some good posts and had an unusual outlook on life.<br>Cheers <br><br>
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 01:58 AM

Okay, look, I don't really wan't to get too much further into this, because we basically agree on the essential matters of the project ...<br><br>Having said that, however:<br><br>Just to repeat 'Gizmo's remark, every idea, every development, and every issue along the way has ben dicussed openly in the forum at one time or another.<br><br>Please look at the following threads:<br>HERE,<br>and HERE ...<br><br>and point out where a vote was taken or discussion invited, or where you are invited to not participate if you so choose ...<br><br>Apparently, the assumption was that everybody would be on board with those ideas, and those messages were phrased accordingly - without even the courtesy of *asking* if we were willing to give this information in the first place ...<br><br>As it turns-out, I was able to reach a mutually-agreeable arrangement - but at no time did I feel free to decline altogether to participate in those aspects of the project, which would have been my preference ...<br><br>When no dissent is voiced, you can only assume that there is none.<br><br>Dissent was voiced - just not in public =)<br><br>In the end, though, it's still what it started out to be: a fun and interesting creative project. It just happens that it might make a bunch or $$ for a good cause, and give the Mac some very real and human-scale publicity.<br><br>Well, obviously the first sentence is up to one's personal pov ... =)<br><br>As for the second, well, it really doesn't matter how good the project is, or how noble its intentions ... you still should really ask people if they would like to give-out thier personal information rather than assume they are willing to do so ... as a mere courtesy, if nothing else ...<br><br>I apologise for getting into this stupid issue probably deeper than it needs to go, but it has been sticking in my craw for a while now, and I needed to get it out ...<br><br>=)<br><br>Cheers!<br><br>***matt<br><br>
Posted by: NotTheOnly1

Re: Those amazing MC folk! - 05/11/02 02:09 AM

Too many posts to respond to, and so, in general:<br><br>1. I gave a tile to project. My obligations were over. Period.<br><br>2. All sorts of ideas were discussed, many quite good. It's suggested if I voiced concerns they would have been addressed. Nonsense. The MC thing is majority rule, which is fine. Mandate all you like. The point is: I don't mandate to you, you don't mandate to me. Simple?<br><br>3. My uncle has cerebal palsey. It is a great cause. So what? This same mozaic is pro-MC, which I don't feel is necessarily a great cause.<br><br>4. A few fools in this thread suggest I wrote a vindictive bio and that I'm not telling you the whole story. Earth to fools: I did admit to such a 'snotty' bio. Read my initial post if you don't believe me. It's sitting right there. You'll also see it was my second bio. The first one was a few short lines addressing the provided questions. There was nothing snotty about those words. They were perfectly usable. Why didn't MC use them? In fact, I later suggested they simply post my virtual name and the title "Santa Monica Sunset". Why didn't they do that?<br><br>5. Some other fools percieved my lack of responses to my MC PM's as an 'up yours' instead of seeing them for what they are: PMs to someone who rarely visits MC anymore. When sent a direct email, I responded immediately.<br><br>6. There is plenty of room to debate whether or not I should be forced to provide my real name. The point is, I never agreed to it, and I asked previously, I probably would have refused to contribute. How simple is that?<br><br>7. If I had an axe to grind against MC, I would have said, "Use my snotty bio OR I'm pulling my tile out!!!" I never shanghai-ed the blessed Mozaic this way. When they were free to reject my snotty bio, instead of simply rejecting it, they needlessly took it as an opportunity to pull the tile altogether. This best exemplifies what is worst about MC.<br><br>8. I invite you to a potluck dinner. I say bring whatever you want. You bring a lazanga. Guess what? You're done. Thank you. You don't have to clean dishes. Print your recipe in a book. Sign the book. Write a bio that meets my needs. Oh, and if I was rude to you at my potluck dinner, and you made it clear to me you felt offended, I wouldn't ask a damn thing of you. But that's just me..<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 02:26 AM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Dissent was voiced - just not in public =)<p><hr></blockquote><p>But that's my point. If you had a strong POV, you really should have brought it up in the forum so that it could have been a broader discussion. Look, anytine you put 35 people in a boat for the first time, everyone's gonna handle the oars their own way, so it's no surprize that not everyone feels the same way about this. But, as you said, you were able to work out a satisfactory solution, whereas NTO1 chose to be darn near inflexible. If we ever do something like this again, we'll know where the quicksand and landmines are. <br><br>In the meantime, get yourself a talent agent, 'cause I heard that NBC is thinking about basing a new soap opera on us. It's gonna be called As The Stomach Turns <br><br>
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 02:52 AM

Hey, don't get me wrong - I'm not necessarily defending the way NTO1 handles things - I simply don't have the info to judge one way or another ...<br><br>Just that he had a legitimate beef to begin with ...<br><br>As for bringing it up my concerns in the public forum: I would have had they not been addressed privately ... laundry should not be washed in public until the machine breaks down =)<br><br>In the meantime, get yourself a talent agent, 'cause I heard that NBC is thinking about basing a new soap opera on us. It's gonna be called As The Stomach Turns<br><br>I already got one - she says I get 10% of the gross plus points =)<br><br>***matt<br><br>
Posted by: carp

Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 03:56 AM

Not pointed at anyone.<br><br>Our first Mosaic did go pretty smooth with its ever growing changes. With 35 people and corporations all with their list of concerns the Mosaic project went very well.<br><br>Started out as an art project YES, but has also grown into project of working together for a common goal.<br><br>The Mosaic is no longer a Simple Collection of Art---Mosaic now has a Heart, feeling, personality, life and now with this event add sorrow, pain, deciet, politics.<br><br>The Mosaic now has a History<br><br>
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Re: Don't be fooled. - 05/11/02 06:01 AM

Don't be a goof. There were 30 posts made to that first thread. You, and I and everyone else knows that constitutes a discussion. If NTO1 didn't want to follow through on ANYTHING he could have easily asked to have his tile removed or voiced his opinion when the thread was active, rather than waiting until now. HE CHOSE to participate, and it evolved into something that obviously was more effort than he wanted to participate in - and that's fine. All he had to do was say something. But he CHOSE to be childish about it because of his distaste for MC.<br><br>You "Felt Free" to participate, so what gave you the idea that you weren't "free" to voice your opinion? You're voicing it now aren't you? Nobody asked for it, but you're voicing it anyway... surely you see what I'm saying here.<br><br>If you or NTO1 voiced dissent to each other, well that was kind of foolish wasn't it. You should have said something to the people organizing the project.<br><br>I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, I just think you're smart enough to know that if you don't like something, you should voice your opinion, rather than waiting for an invitation to do so. I agree that this project was NOT what I signed up for. But it has only required a few more minutes to send my bio. I told Jim I didn't have or want to send my photo and he was cool with it. <br><br>The bottom line is that NTO1 is upset with MC... and he took it out on us (the MosaicProject) which has nothing to do with MacCentral except the fact that happens to be where we all hang-out. And because we hang-out there, JimD and MC decided to help us out with publicity and some of the costs involved. He had every opportunity to stay in the project and voice his opinions, but he chose to let his childish emotions get in the way of it - it's that simple.<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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Okay, my last post on this because you miss my points ENTIRELY, and I don't know how to express them any better that I have ... I'll try one more time anyway =)<br><br>Basically, I was trying to be fair to NTO1 only insofar as:<br><br> He was accused of not meeting the requirements or following the "rules" of the project - an accusation which I feel to be untrue in that: he created a tile. In fact, that was pretty much the ONLY thing required of the artists until late in the production process ...<br><br> It was stated that all decisions of the project were made by a "group decision" - which I also believe to be untrue in that: In at least two instances, ideas were not presented as "whaddya think?" but as "this is being done and we need you to do this" ... to me that is not a group decision, that is a statement of the decision already having been made. Sure you could object - but by no means was the decision arrived at by group consensus ...<br><br> It was also stated that NTO1 was the only person who had a problem with the newer requirements, which I know for a fact to be untrue ...<br><br>Essentially, I was trying to be objective and felt the need to point out what I believe to be factual errors.<br><br>What I am NOT doing is passing jusgement one way or the other on what happened between NTO1 and whomever he was dealing with. I don't have nearly enough information for that ... and frankly, I couldn't care less one way or the other ...<br><br>Sure, I had my problems with the way some things were handled. I preferred to deal with those problems privately rather than splash them across the forum - and I was able to arrive at an equitable agreement with the person with whom I communicated.<br><br>I have not the slightest clue where you got the impression that I was somehow voicing dissent with NTO1; or the other impression that I had not discussed my concerns with the appropriate folks ...<br><br>So bottom line: I'm neither defending nor attacking NTO1 - just trying to correct what I see as factual inaccuracies of some statements made in this thread. Period.<br><br>And I kind of got into it a little too deep with you and steveg, just because some of those inaccuracies happened to jive with things that had annoyed me personally, and my blood was up =)<br><br>Plus, you guys yak it up pretty good, and I know how much you like to hear yourselves talk ...<br><br>;-D<br><br>There you have it.<br><br>Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow =)<br><br>***matt<br><br>
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1. seems like the problem has been resolved. <br><br>2. gee, I wish I had more verbage to make a second point<br><br>[color:red]live free or die</font color=red>
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Well, aside from this little bit of wrist-wringing, thanks for sticking with the project. <br><br>(10%, huh. What's your agent's phone no.?)<br><br>
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(I've been on vacation, and so for anyone who thinks I should have dropped this already, STOP reading this thread. If you read these responses, they clearly interest you.)<br><br>i have no qualms with having my name appear, but i understand that you feel uncomfortable. i liked your tile and think it is a good addition to the mosaic that will benefit the UCP. think about remaining as a part of the project and submitting the necessary information. it won't kill ya! if not...hey, at least it lived up to your original expectations. savor that and step aside.<br><br>Thanks for the kind words Sean. A few responses:<br><br>When I said initially that a sudden requirement surfaced to include my real name, that was an overstatement typed in a fit of confusion and frustration with the Mozaic folk. What I meant to say was that after I completed the Mozaic, again and again I was finding my name needing to be associated with the project. I was asked for my name and address by SteveG and my name was included in my rewritten bio. Perhaps not a requirement, but a repeated request. With the completion of my tile and the events that occurred at MC, I wanted nothing more to do with the damn thing. <br><br>So if I'm supposed to cry a river for poor Shooshie who sent PMs to a forum I no longer visited, and provided him with bios he didn't like, where exactly is MY compassion for being asked to do a myriad of things after my completion of my promised duties? Hey NTO1- we decided we need your name and address please! Hey NTO1- we decided you should answer these questions so I can write a bio. Hey NTO1- we decided that bio wasn't long enough and we've written another, where your membership in MC is the subject of a paragraph, what do you think? Hey NTO1- we decided that your second bio was rather offensive, and instead of reject it, we rejected your tile. <br><br>I contributed as asked, promptly. No one had a problem with the tile. MC had a split. I didn't like it. I went here. I considered taking my tile from the Mozaic, OUT LOUD, but then said it wouldn't be fair to the others. You see, I give a rat's ass about the feelings of others, believe it or not. If I was the impossible, 'self-righteous', 'selfish', 'twerp' I was accused of being, I would have pulled the tile. It wasn't I that tried to use the Mozaic as a sounding post against MC. I wanted to be left alone. It was MC who tried to force a bio on me which suggested I was an active member.<br><br>Again, did MC have to have a bio for me? What's the big freakin deal? Have you ever seen a yearbook with a picture in it that doesn't have a bio? What would a high school yearbook be without one, or five, or twelve?<br><br>Think about that, and think about the MC Mozaic actions. Why didn't Shooshie just say, "Hey PMSboy, you know I can't use this. I'll instead use either your first bio or no bio. Had no idea this upset you so." <br><br>Why did they have to go the next step and just kick me out?<br><br>The way I see it, to needlessly pull someone out of the mozaic ruins it. Leaving it in with a virtual name and a title would have hurt who exactly?<br><br><br><br><br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Oh give it a rest already.... I thought these threads were finished...<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
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No, you thought because you had read all you wanted to that it was finished.<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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No, I thought because you presented your side, we presented ours, and the issue was resolved last week. It's over, done, finished, completed... GET IT!!!<br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>