Why it would suck to be a TV actor

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Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 04/30/02 07:37 AM

It just occurred to me that these days it would really suck to be a TV actor. Apart from the characteristics that make acting suck in general, like auditions, scarcity of work, etc., I realize there's a new climate in TV that sucks.<br><br>It was summed up a the title of a special episode of a sitcom a few nights back called: EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND: THE FIRST SIX YEARS. It must have been a best of episode, but look at what that says. THE FIRST SIX YEARS. Apparantly, Les Moonves at CBS likes his hit, and wants us all to know that there will be ANOTHER SIX YEARS.<br><br>So if you're a sitcom actor todays, here's how it will play out. Either:<br><br>1. You'll be in a zillion pilots and but never get picked up for much else.<br><br>2. You will get picked up for a six show run. However, the nervous nelly networks will most likely can you in two outings. Why? They don't pay money for good writers. They don't cultivate talent. They just take a dump and see what people like.<br><br>3. You'll be lucky enough to land a hit! But wait-- how lucky is it be Frasier Crane for 12 years? To pretend to be FRIENDS for how long? That lot was pathetic on the get go, and now they're such beasts that if you rolled them altogether there'd be a fifth friend.<br><br>I know, some of the people are getting like a million an episode, but be honest: wouldn't you rather be in traction than imprisoned on TV being Rachel for most of your adult life?<br><br>Pity the poor actors, no matter how rich some of them become..<br><br>EEEESSSSSHHHHHH<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Re: Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 04/30/02 11:03 AM

and then there is soap opera land, where you pretend to have a job by acting out one on the screen. some of these actors have been around for so long they have become the show's icon and really have no daily place in the story. not that I watch soap operas now, but i admit i did once.<br><br>nope wouldn't want to be an actor. i really like the aspect of being able 'up and leave' with notice - and show up in another company without someone saying - 'aren't you the entry level programmer in cubicle 35" - NO that was 15 years ago stop type casting me.<br><br><br><br>[color:red]live free or die</font color=red>
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Re: Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 04/30/02 12:05 PM

Sounds like a case of "Once and Again" angst to me.<br><br>
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Re: Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 04/30/02 08:28 PM

LOL. I'd only be happy if they got to stress out about scenario three. But honestly, I feel bad for the cast of Raymond who- like it or not- are wanted to stay there than try movies or what not. Oh sure, they may give Ray a movie or two, but no one wants it to work. He's already making a fortune in one spot. Just stay put David Carus- I mean, Ray Ramano, and be a good boy.<br><br>By the way, despite cancellation, rumors abound that ONCE AND AGAIN may survive it's cancellation to return for YET another season. If so, they would break their own record as a the show most likely to be cancelled but somehow not being so. EVERY YEAR they've been on the air they've been led to believe it could be their last.<br><br>Luckily, pilots are rolling in, and they suck. They WILL be cancelled. So why not go with something with fans instead of scramble for them. Disney may come to figure this one out.<br><br>They've asked for a fourth season budget from a cancelled show, have held the actors under contract, and the sets still stand.<br><br>Fingers crossed..<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Re: Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 04/30/02 08:36 PM

BBC News | TV AND RADIO | Simpsons creator predicts show's end<br><br>--<br>I am dangerous. I am Dyslexic of Borg. Fusistance is retile. Your a$$ will be laminated.
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RIGHT ON, MATT! - 04/30/02 09:35 PM

"He said that despite making $1bn (686m) for the network there is only "a trace of a smile in their faces when I walk into the room".<br><br>He is upset after the cancellation of Futurama, his futuristic cartoon follow-up to Bart and Homer.<br><br>The series, which is shown on Sky One and Channel 4 in the UK, has been axed after four series, although there is a campaign to keep the show on air.<br><br>More than 110,000 fans have signed an internet campaign to save the show.<br><br>He said: "They (Fox) haven't really supported it. I think it's a worthy companion to The Simpsons and we're really proud of it. But Fox gave it a bad slot and zero promotion for the last three years."<br><br>Too fscking right! Futurama is probably the best out there right now - Excellent art and animation and *brilliant* writing ... Fox has a sorry history of supporting great shows - they shuffle time slots or pre-empt for sports / events or just simply don't show episodes during their scheduled time. The Family Guy and The Tick are two more recent examples, as is Invader Zim over at Nickelodeon, who's unpredictable scheduling with this show basically killed it (or at least the resultant low ratings gave them the excuse to kill it - I think they basically got more than they were expecting when they asked Jhonen Vasquez to do a show for them, and never wanted the show to really succeed ... what the h*ll was it doing on Nick, anyways?) ...<br><br>Anyways, I'm ranting ... sorry =)<br><br>We now return you to your regularly-scheduled program ....<br><br>***matt<br><br>
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Re: Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 04/30/02 09:41 PM

I hope you are right. Once and Again was one of my favorites. There are few shows that I make the effort to watch every week. <br>Recently I have been watching the HBO series Six Feet Under. While it can definetly "be out there" with its story line. I have come to enjoy the complexity of the characters and the bizarre setting of a funeral home.<br><br>
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Simpsons Should Have Died Two Years Ago. - 05/01/02 03:43 PM

Desite being popular still, the vitality has gone out of The Simpsons. Jokes are telegraphed and stretched to the breaking point, guest star appearances amount to butt-kissing exercises and the satire the series was founded on has devolved into simple slapstick and bodily fluid cracks.<br><br>Futurama is the superior series, but Fox is cancelling it. Figures.<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin'...</font color=red>
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Re: Why it would suck to be a TV actor - 05/01/02 03:56 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>[color:purple]how lucky is it be Frasier Crane for 12 years?<p><hr></blockquote><p></font color=purple>Well, he's been playing that role for a lot longer than twelve years, since he was Frasier Crane on Cheers. But let's see, would I rather get a million dollars a week playing the same character week in, week out, or would I prefer to get a thousand-odd dollars a week on an assembly line somewhere, week in, week out? Would I be unhappy as an actor, knowing I could be laid off at a moment's notice or would I want to be that same factory worker, knowing I could be laid off at a moment's notice? Would I want to be an actor, forced to "demean" myself to get a job, or would I prefer to be, oh, let's say a garbage man or work in a sewer?<br><br>I'd say, and from what I have read, Kelsey Grammer thinks, that I'd be damn lucky to play the same role at a huge salary for decades. Assuming I had the talent, of course.<br><br>There are lots worse things in this world than being an actor and millions upon millions of people must do those nasty things every day of their lives.<br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin'...</font color=red>
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Excellent point-- - 05/01/02 06:14 PM

-- about it being longer than 12 years. Frasier the show hasn't been on for 12- though it feels like it has- but with Cheers it must be around 15 years already.<br><br>I know there's the "ohh-boo-hoo, you make a million an episode, with NBC desperate to keep you on air as long as possible". And yes, I can best your factory worker thing and say, "What about all the unemployed, or in the case of teachers and cops, underpaid? Boo-freaking-who!<br><br>But wait, my point is more subtle than that. Kelsey Grammar would probably love to branch out and do movies. In fact, he has. Well, suppose he said, this Frasier gig is a grind and I'm SOOOOOO sick of it. May I please quit?<br><br>Hollywood would say "Do what you like Mr. Grammer" with an evil little smile. The smile would be, "Good luck getting movie rolls..".<br><br>What I'm saying is that his job is either to do what they want, or wish he did. He has enough money to retire and need not ever work again, but the point his all those millions have cost him career freedom. This doesn't mean he's a movie guy waiting to happen. It means he's owned now, just like the cast of FRIENDS. You know, I bet there's some backlash at the SEINFELD cast right now. Everyone knows that if they got back together and revived the show, the network that got that cout would prosper, even if the show was a retreading a little.<br><br>So when the SEINFELD cast says, "I'd really like to do a movie!" I think it falls on deaf ears. That's not what Hollywood wants. <br><br>See what I'm getting at?<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM
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Re: Excellent point-- - 05/01/02 10:16 PM

I'm not sure it's "Hollywood" per se keeping these people from doing movies, Broadway or whatever. The general public often won't accept people in roles which depart too drastically from their television persona. Now I ask you, would you want to see Bob Newhart as a child molesting Nazi? There is that other thing ability. Many actors good enough for television just plain can't cut it on the big screen.It doesn't translate well. On the other hand, Tom Selleck did reasonably well in movies. Sometimes it works the other way; Jim Carey spent a decade trying for success on TV (does anyone remember "The Mouse Factory"?) before In Living Color launched his career. Then he became more popular in the movies than he ever was on TV. Of course many currently popular movie actors got their start in the soaps.<br><br>What I'm saying is that I don't believe there's any grand plot by unnamed Powers That Be and if some actors feel locked in a ghetto at least the streets are paved with gold.<br><br><br>John<br>[color:red]I don't need no steenkin'...</font color=red>
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Fair enough.. - 05/02/02 12:11 AM

.. and well said..<br><br>Do you rhumba? Excellent! Now pick a rhumba and sit down.. GM