Fish wheel!

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Fish wheel! - 07/04/14 04:16 PM

Since I got Apple TV a few years ago and discovered that I can view a multitude of videos on YouTube I've come to use it as my go too source in purchasing decisions as well as education. I watch hardly any music vids but mostl how too things.

In the last four years since I've had my iPad I used it in my purchase of blenders, trash cans, coffee grinders, pistols, furniture, rc Hellocopters, looms along demonstrations on recipes, car repair, pistol cleaning, leather tanning and selection.

Sometimes I learn about things I've never even thought of. Makes me feel so fortunate to have such a resource from my humble upbringing on the rural setting in the '50's when I might not leave the farm for two weeks

My latest today is discovering the Fish Wheel for harvesting salmon in rivers in Canada and Alaska. So cool. I love the physics of its design.

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Re: Fish wheel! - 07/04/14 04:39 PM

Now that's my kind of fishing!
Cool idea.
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Re: Fish wheel! - 07/04/14 05:52 PM

I found sources showing whole communities pooling together to keep a fish wheel functioning in order to supply the village with food and income also I suppose.

On one TV program a guy living up there has 25 dogs to keep healthy. He feeds them mostly fish so his harvest of the fish, he says, is his most important task each year.

The way it functions is similar to a type of hay rake introduced when I was a lad. I never thought it was efficient as a way to wind row hay, but here being turned by the water flow and with with the salman swimming up stream, it is amazingly efficient. I'd not thought of doing such.

This is the type of resourcefulness that has intrigued me so. The main reason I have a historic passion for the pioneers of our country which also holds for members of the First Nations , the first settlers