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The Student Body - 04/24/14 11:06 AM

I had not followed this issue too closely, but 19 or 20 states have passed bi-partisan legislation that requires schools to test all students for BMI (Body Mass Index), and send home what are called "Fat Letters" to the parents of kids — even kindergardeners — who's BMI exceeds very narrow standards.

I'm posting here because it isn't so much political as it is moral, and if you're interested in helping to elevate the visibility of this issue, check out this KickStarter page.

I'm all for reducing childhood obesity, but not by shaming kids and their parents, and I'm gonna make a small contribution.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 11:56 AM

Sound like a good contribution.

( though I did let loose a chuckle in reading the KickStarter page when I saw the word "non-fiction film making and "Michael Moore " in the same sentence"

But the fat letters are nothing more than a invasion of privacy IMO, let alone schools have more to do then do this fore cripes sakes

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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 01:10 PM

Yeah ya see, that's the problem with America. We're offended (and will probably sue) because someone had the f#ckˇng nerve to let us know via the written word that our kid — whom we pretty much allow a TV & computer raise — is a fat, unhealthy little sh!t, and perhaps we should do something about it. Cry me a river for the 2 out of 10,000 kids that have a legit health issue that makes them heavier than most kids their age. [ /end rant ]

Now before you flick a spoon full of lard at me, know that I'm pissed that the government would waste my tax money even thinking about this topic, let alone passing laws that would perform a medical-related test on my kid without my permission. It's none of their f#ckˇng business. And I'm kind of annoyed that more tax money is being wasted printing and mailing a letter which is not only rude, but does little more than point out what anyone who isn't legally blind can see for themselves — which is that my kid is overweight.

We all know there's little-to-nothing we can do about government waste (and stupidity). That has been proven over and over again. And as the parent of what most people consider a "special needs" kid, I can sympathize with those who want to get behind any group or action that protects and/or helps kids. But at the same time, in this case, I would find it easier to throw the letter in the trash where it belongs, and move on.

While we may find the whole thing offensive, it's not an invasion of privacy. You're sending your kid to a public school (supported by our taxes). As dumb and pointless as the letter appears to be, you would have to be blind to not see that the intention isn't to "fat shame" kids & parents, but to provide motivation to get our kids on a healthy road. Obviously they chose a typical government method to accomplish something - with a non-solution that has no chance of success - but is relatively inexpensive. They're idiots, and we can't/shouldn't hold that against them.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 01:42 PM

Ha...nothing new here...our school system has been doing that for at least 25 years, I remember getting those notices from the school and saving them for a scrap book
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Well, jeez, Giz, I'm glad to see you're an equal opportunity ranter! tongue
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 02:13 PM

I'm with you on this Giz.. it's meant to be helpful... but falls short in the execution.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 03:19 PM

cue the faux outrage:


it's better than Nancy Reagunz
who sentenced thousands of people to

"Just Say 'NO'." smile
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 03:55 PM

And that's my point. The testing, IMHO should be voluntary and done only with parental consent. The only mandatory should be that the schools explain the program and it's purpose to parents and seek their consent to test their kids — or allow the option to have the test done by a pediatrician if possible. And that brings up the argument for universal single-payer healthcare. If good healthcare were accessible to everyone, problems like obesity — and all the troubles that come with it — might be less pervasive than it is.

But, Giz, you're still a grouch! grin
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 04:59 PM

Oh, I don't know. When I was in school we had the President's Fitness Program, which always always embarrassed me. And then there were the eyesight exams, which I always failed. And the hearing tests, which I passed (no longer!). The gov'mint has always been intrusive in this way. I have no clue how the BMI is going to be implemented, but if true obesity is truly a disease, then why is it any different from having laws that require that students in public schools be vaccinated?
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 06:39 PM

It's the stigma factor, primarily. If superficial appearance weren't so damned commercialized and plastered all over our culture, obesity might be viewed as what it is — a medical condition — rather than a cosmetic defect that one should be ashamed of.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 09:56 PM

parent's permission slips seems to involve more paper
work, record keeping and buracracy than it's worth
for a 10 second "Pinch An Inch" body fat ratio test.

I don't even remember getting permission slips for
having our heads checked for lice & nits in grade school.

JKReist talk about invasive or stigmatizing eek

afaic sounds like just sumpthin else for litigious minded
individuals to jump on...or use to denigrate "ObamaCare".

"GRAB Yer' GUNZ, Martha! We're Gonna Secede from the Union!" cry
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Re: The Student Body - 04/24/14 10:11 PM

Yes, I can se the stigma thing--but if someone is obese, unless they hdd it really really well, it won't be news to friends and schoolmates. I don't know. I guess that if it was my kid I might resent the intrusion of the school authorities. But maybe not.

See, that is what it means to be a liberal--wishy washy!
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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 02:01 AM

I think the issue here MacGiz is that it has a serious impact on the health system, especially as these kids grow into older adults… heart problems, higher rates of diabetes and cancer.. and lots of other issues… I don't think the schools are driving this… more likely the insurance and health industries..

I agree it IS intrusive… but not totally unwarranted. We can ignore the problem.. and people and our health system suffer later.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 06:10 AM

Yes, but it's just another step on the slippery slope of control. Soon government entities will be regulating the size of drinks we get with our meals. whistle

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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 10:48 AM

Originally Posted By: MrB
Yes, but it's just another step on the slippery sl ope of control. Soon government entities will be regulating the size of drinks we get with our meals. whistle


Or the amount of High Fructose GM Corn Syrup In them!!!

________ cry O, The HUMANITY!!!! cry
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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 11:05 AM

Spot-On, Dave!

One would need to ask if this Budding Film Maker
had framed her argument around the School System
Having Warned Parents that their Child was in the
Formative Stages of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes
and Cancer Early Enough To Head-Off These Out-Comes
by making Small Changes (like turning off the TV or
withholding their IceCream Money --- or Lobbying for
COUNCILOR) if we'd be having this ridiculous conversation).
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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 11:13 AM

Nancy R and her husband were both DUDS in this department of pot smoking.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 01:25 PM

I think there may be a difference between pushing good health practices, and actually coming out to your house and weighing your kid every few days. I don't think there's anything really that wrong with assessing the kids health and health risks, and then informing the parents so they are aware and maybe cannot ignore the problem. I don't think they are telling the parent how much, or what to feed their kids. They're just pointing out the kid has a potential serious health issue. I don't see this as controlling; it would be controlling if they forced the issue or if they continually monitored the kid on a weekly monthly basis. But just pointing the problem out, I don't think it's controlling. That's just my opinion. grin

Think about this, the government did the same thing back in the 1960s and 70s with trying to push anti-smoking issues – for the same reasons. It was killing people and becoming a huge burden on the health care system. Through the FCC, they eliminated cigarette commercials on TV and eventually even in magazines. Did they actually tell people they couldn't smoke? No! but they sure pointed out the hazards of smoking and that changed a lot of people's habits. I see this as a similar response to a growing problem of obesity.
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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 03:15 PM

i guess you know
this is just another "Flack-Attack"/Scatter-Gun Blast
to tie together the Nevada Welfare King's "Taking Away
Our FREEDOM" cry BS with the Affordable Care Act
(since this is just one of the ways to HOLD DOWN The
COST (as Promised) by Disease Prevention), and pull a
Double Whammy on Obama for allowing Federal Troops
to Fire On Women & Children (in Nevada) and BENGAZI..
....since The HEALTHY CHILD INITIATIVE was initially
proposed by Hilary Clinton.

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Re: The Student Body - 04/25/14 03:41 PM

CDC: Center For Disease Control AND PREVENTION

Overweight and Obesity

CDC: HBO: Weight of the Nation

Part 1

The Weight of the Nation:
Part 3 - Children in Crisis (HBO Docs)