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Snow - 04/16/14 02:05 AM

Now falling. April 15th. Spring is sprung, I'm afraid.
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Re: Snow - 04/16/14 05:27 AM

frown Welcome to "The New Normal".

uh huh
Two days ago I was forced to open all the windows
in order to not to suffocate from the SUDDEN 80F heat
only to shut the house up tight and reactivate the furnace tonight.

ah, well.

At least we took advantage of the brief warming
to use the chainsaw we'd borrowed to clear away
the tree limbs that had come down over the last
two severe wind events. eek
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Re: Snow - 04/16/14 04:57 PM

Still freezing! Coating of snow on the ground. Ice on my car windows. WTF?!?!?!? It was 81 degrees 2 days ago!!!!

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Re: Snow - 04/17/14 09:34 PM

Our furnace refused to "play-along".

It didn't start when the temp plunged back into the
30's leaving all 4 apartments without heat for 2 days.

Ted woke me up this morning to drive him to work,
and was shocked when I sat up in bed fully clothed,
(...including my woolen watch-cap & gloves...)
All I had to do was put on my glasses, switch my
sleeping booties for socks and put on my shoes.
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Re: Snow - 04/17/14 10:18 PM

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Re: Snow - 04/17/14 10:27 PM

Oh Sure...
...I can look back on it and larf too...
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Re: Snow - 04/18/14 10:36 AM

Global warming my friend.